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South Carolina


Posted by Aradias Crescent @ 07/28/2003 01:28 AM GMT-5
Yes, Pagans pray
Here are some devotions that I wrote: Awakening: I lift up my Spirit to the Universe and my Heart to the Lady and Lord. May I walk this day in Wisdom, Speak this day with clarity, Act this day with Passion and Love without condition.   May I live my life fully - In perfect Love...

Posted by QueenMab @ 07/27/2003 10:10 PM GMT-5
I am feeling claustrophobic here. Everything is too close. I went from living on a five acre field to a postage stamp sized yard bordered very closely by houses.  I can barely see the sky.  Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in a cage.  I feel so locked in.  I wish I...


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