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South Carolina


Posted by HorseHugger @ 10/22/2003 04:08 PM GMT-5
The top ten
Alex Von Hollen's Top Ten List Of Hottest Guys (as of 10/22/03) 10) Ashton Kutcher- Rich, famous, and totally cute!! I wach Punk'd on MTV every day. 9) Drew Pangraze- too bad to doesn't go to GMS 8) Drake Thomason- yeah, he's ok. but he can get so annoying! 7) Jordan Scott- he's...

Posted by Hopeless Romantic @ 10/14/2003 07:24 PM GMT-5
Second Entry
Well, here goes the second entry.  Like I said I'm not fucked up now and can freely go into detail about A****s.  She's 18 and a freshman.  We live in the same building on campus at USC, she's on 7 and I'm on 12.  She doesn't smoke tobacco, and doesn't do any other drug but the...

Posted by pathtoGod @ 10/10/2003 09:52 AM GMT-5
fantasy or reality?
Letís say there is a computer whiz who creates a program where people live in an imaginary world. In this world there are things that are good for them and things that are not good for them.  The things that are not good for them contain much immediate pleasure.   The computer whiz...

Posted by Nemo @ 10/01/2003 04:21 AM GMT-5
Test For Eleventh Entry
This is a test for the 11th entry on this blog of Nemo let me just quote a lil rhyme. Mary had a lilttle lamb that fleece was white as snow. That is a poem from my nursery school. Try this Try Try Try Try

Posted by PrettyInPUNK @ 09/29/2003 10:54 PM GMT-5
Im sorry to say that this will have to discontinued. Everytime i express my thoughts, feelings, concerns, and worries, i end up hurting people. So from now on, nothing will be on here. Unless i feel quite inspired to do so. Goodbye.

Posted by kiss me quickly @ 09/25/2003 08:32 PM GMT-5
WTF am I talking about?
Music: SpottieottiedopaliciousMood: Things have been boring lately. I haven't gone out in like 2 days...blahh. I'm trying to quit smoking but who knows if that will work! I had one cigarette yesterday and none today..AND I switched to Newport Lights; we'll see how long this will last. I was so...

Posted by DixieJewel420 @ 08/26/2003 04:22 PM GMT-8
MOOD: HaHa.. AmusedSONG: Don't Close ur eyes.. Heath Whitley~!~LoL.. OOOOOOKKKKKKK!! I tell u what sumbody loves to over react and make a big deal outa nuthin.. I ain't gonna get no one in trouble i promise.. O and the thang with Bryant got old the first time u tried to pull it so get sumthin...

Posted by Semi-charmed @ 08/25/2003 07:28 PM GMT-8
Packed Up And Left
Yup, I moved my journal! If you want to find out where, ask me on aim or msn. My aim sn is icequeenkit16; and my msn is Love you all. *Waves* Thanks for your patience and stuff!

Posted by Lifeless01 @ 08/25/2003 07:20 PM GMT-6
My day
My day was ok. I was cool till 3rd block..then i started getting a migrain or something i came home and slept till 7 ...i was tired.I just got off the phone w/ Jonathan.B ! He's cool as mess..SMILE going to GA. this weekend to see my papa..cause..he's not doing to well. Im going to...

Posted by Woo Hooo!! @ 08/19/2003 11:35 AM GMT-5
OK soo Ive moved in and shit.. and now I am sitting in my dorm room chillen like always.. oh yeha... omg how bout this morning our suite mates locked the fucking door so I couldnt use the bathroom.. UGH.. so guess what my stupid ass did.. yep.. I definantly peed in the sink.., dont worry.. I washed...


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