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South Carolina


Posted by lauren @ 05/01/2004 12:46 PM GMT-8
     Why do I always feel so useless? Like I can never be good enough for anyone. I just wish my life was over. Right now. I hate pretending to be happy every day. I hate everything. No matter what I do, it's wrong. No matter how much effort or time I spend on doing something,...

Posted by emoisawesome @ 04/10/2004 01:14 PM GMT-5
Music -- Ocean Avenue / YC
Hey yall! Wow, it has been forever. I've missed ya. Hm, nothing too new I guess. I still go out with Josh, haha, yeah he's awesome. Six months is soon. He's more like a best friend to me than a boyfriend. My grandmother is still pretty sick, but she has a better attitude now than she ever has....

Posted by ScAnGeL01 @ 04/06/2004 09:09 PM GMT-5
*turning over a new leaf*
Well as you can see...I'm back and better than ever! hmmmmmm whats new with me well im on Spring Break....yeahh i dont feel like writing :-D

Posted by Life of blah! @ 04/06/2004 03:12 PM GMT-5
Hi Newsboys 101
Don't you just love that I know the passwords to all of your stuff?  I'm sure you just love me messing with your friends.  I knowyour ip so thats how i keep figuring out your passwords when you change them. I'll stop soon (as soon as it becomes boring) bye david.

Posted by Confessions... @ 04/06/2004 10:54 AM GMT-5
Condoleeza Rice
Being a white southern male, I must agree that we need both a minority...and a female president. One that all races,sexes,religions,..and so on and so forth...could agree upon. It would be a unifying factor for our nation, and would qell some of the chatter around the woprld that we don't practice...

Posted by Memagen @ 03/17/2004 11:29 PM GMT-5
update on things

Posted by vhanna26 @ 03/07/2004 10:02 AM GMT-5
I've Moved
Since 2/1/04, My blog has moved.   Check it out  at the link below and update your links. Vera's Crafty Blog

Posted by CantLetugo829 @ 03/04/2004 02:37 PM GMT-5
Living Hell
Living Hell is what i feel im living in at this moment, i never know what to do.  And i dont mean it like that i have problems w/ my family which i do but that is not it. It is that The one thing that i want more than any thing doesnt want me and always makes me feel horrible. Makes me want to...

Posted by LoSeRoSs @ 02/26/2004 10:30 PM GMT-6
~MaTT's BdAy~
happy birthday matt! i love you sooo much!

Posted by The Midnight Kiss @ 02/26/2004 06:01 PM GMT-8
wrote a new poem. yay. also did a new thing with my page. aint it grand. yup. i am sick and i feel so bad. it is snowing like crazy and i am actually happy about that. tabby is mad. she cant see sugar and hates snow. sry tabs. still luv ya. god i feel so bad. but at least i got rob to cheer me up....


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