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Posted by HeyYaPimpin @ 11/17/2003 12:50 AM GMT-8
Im feelin it...
For most of you people, you have heard ofBrittany...well fallin for her...she is an awesome person...and i just wish she would be mine. I love hangin out with her...and talking to her and stuff...its just so great to have someone in my life like so fuckin going to keep...

Posted by Brittney @ 11/15/2003 04:31 PM GMT-5
my other journal...i will update than one more so than this one. :]
my better journal. :]

Posted by KristalMArmstrong @ 11/13/2003 05:26 PM GMT-8
Hiya...yeah I just thought that I would update AGAIN!!! LOL...yeah so...Ummm...not really sure what to talk about...ya and my b/f had a fight was really interesting...but we solved it and now we arent fighting anymore...ya so...not much to talk I'll...

Posted by lastbreathx13 @ 10/18/2003 10:37 PM GMT-6
Will finish the rest later..... ~Basics~ Name: Tamara Ann (Insert Last Name Here) Age: 14 Sex: Female DOB: February 13th Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Brown with chunky highlights Height: About 5'3 School: PHS Residence: Prescott, Ar Parents: Jim & Sharon Siblings:...

Posted by Hope @ 10/10/2003 03:03 PM GMT-6
Well i havent wrote in a while...this has been a crazy week, ...humm...oh yes! I GOT A CAR yesterday ;) i am exsited very exsited about gettin to drive to school cus i hate gettin rides every morning...spending the whole morning calling friends and spending the whole day asking who can take me...

Posted by Angel of love. @ 10/02/2003 10:37 PM GMT-6
Tim is evil but cute
Tim is really evil but nice. He was really mean to me last night but he was nice tonight. I don't really have much to say. I guess that's


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