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Posted by hauxblog @ 12/22/2003 05:28 PM GMT-6
again and again
sick and angered by my friends extremely cold and heartless honest talkin shit behind my back about me to my friends the source a jealous passion towards a spirit stuck in contention and fame just need some time to myself again need to bring back the old days when i was in control of my life...

Posted by ShOrTs BlOg @ 12/20/2003 03:10 PM GMT-6
*First u dissed me now ya wanna kiss me but its to late baby cuz now ya missed me* *wen i first saw u i saw love the first time u touched me i felt love n afta all dis time ur still the one i love* *good things come n go thats a fact dat i kno but i dont want us to eva part cuz i luv u with all...

Posted by vanillaxbean @ 12/16/2003 04:25 PM GMT-8
hmm i just got like 30 bucks from this uncle we didnt know existed....its going towards the europe trip..! im asking my mom about the guy....  Me: why did he send me money?  Mom: no idea...  Me: hmm. why did he send me and A money then?  Mom: no...

Posted by my_journal @ 12/13/2003 11:09 PM GMT-6
some new info
Hey long time no see. Well i know i said i wouldnt be back until after christmas but i got some extra time on my hands so i decided to update. well nothing much has been going on. me and banny found a lot of ppl from rhs' journals online! wow! it was kinda wierd reading about them since ive never...

Posted by StealMyHeart @ 12/10/2003 11:16 PM GMT-6
I am already worn out, and still have soooo much left to do.
Ugghh! i hate the end of the semester. studying for finals is a bitch w/in itself, then add a job and it gets worse. i have just been bumped up at my job from kennel tech to vet tech. which is nice it is a much better job, but i need training, lots and lots of training. the person who is supposed...

Posted by A Day in My Life @ 12/10/2003 10:53 PM GMT-6
ugh.....i dont get guys....they think that girls cant ever make up their minds..haha! yeah right!

Posted by smooches4kiss @ 12/01/2003 10:42 AM GMT-6
Feeling This
My life... Hello All! Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving! i did! nothing really exciting has happened. I'm still not receiving the attention i deserve from "senior" but w/e. Binny and me also decided that griff really isnt that bad of a person. He's actully pretty cool after you talk to him...

Posted by playboy07 @ 11/19/2003 03:08 PM GMT-6
falling in love never hurts its watching the one you fell in love with fall out of love with you

Posted by cellardoor @ 11/18/2003 09:58 AM GMT-6
I'm at my mother's house where my sister and I are going on this retreat.  Charles is there, and some other people.  My mother's bar is full of food--chicken wings and pizza mostly.  People are eating and watching basketball while my sister gets ready.  Charles sits back on the...

Posted by UNINVITED JESTS @ 11/17/2003 06:56 PM GMT-6
On hobbies, deer hooligans, and the American movie experience
  I've been searching about recently looking for a hobby.  Something that could occupy me when that urge to go about bar-hoppin' takes hold.  I've looked into a few options, but all seem to cost money [something I can't spare right now] or they just don't seem to fit me.  ...


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