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Rhode Island


Posted by Terrible, damnit @ 07/14/2015 02:25 PM GMT-5
I feel bored and immature right now. I'm at work and should be working, but am not. I have a girlfriend now (finally, hereafter referred to as A.) but only get to see her a couple times a week. We said we love each other and now I feel intensely drawn to her, to the point where I occasionally...

Posted by Rock On 808 @ 01/18/2006 10:12 AM GMT-5
I Want You To Want Me
Im here taking exams.  I just finished my last one of the day and my brother cant come and get me...what the fuck...but whatever.....x_x

Posted by lilkidvicious @ 06/11/2005 09:18 PM GMT-5
I didnt know people were leaving nice little comment's for me on this. Telling me to get a life. Well I wasnt the one on some person's journal, whom they never met, leaving little comments like that. Seem's like your the one that need's a life. Anyways. I finally got my permit. I would have my...

Posted by hotpants @ 04/26/2005 09:47 PM GMT-5
poppin in to say hey
Hey,    so yea today was weird but thats ok. i feel more like the old careless me i used to be and thats good. its weird to feel that way and think about how ive been for the past year. i havent really been the careless me, ive been the love-involved me who only wants one woman and...

Posted by Falling Behind @ 03/03/2005 01:33 AM GMT-5
"Blinded when I see you..."
WHAT THE FUCK?!They put me in a fucking double.I should have fucking priority. You know why? Let's review:- Basement room- Triple, with two very anal roommates and one roommate who I am convinced is from hell that took over half the fucking room and is planning on taking the TV that I paid half...

Posted by Tofurkster @ 12/22/2004 05:51 PM GMT-5
So I havent abandoned blogdrive forever....
But I stole this from Emmy and I thought he was uber cute. I want him. all of him.

Posted by KeLMarie @ 09/29/2004 02:32 PM GMT-5
Hey all...just so you know, I have moved to can now view my entries at rs/lightningdancer

Posted by GlowSticks @ 09/27/2004 07:49 PM GMT-5
Wow I'm really out of it. I came about two feet from crashing into the truck in front of me. Heh. Oops. All day I couldn't stop figiting. As strange as this sounds, I hope Matt calls me right after midnight on friday, like he did this past friday.. I don't think I could stand waiting for...

Posted by In the clouds @ 06/10/2004 09:08 AM GMT-8
Almost the last day
I'm in computer class at the moment. It's thursday which means Finals begin tomorrow. They end Tuesday, June 15th, the last day of school. My final day as a Freshman. I'm suppose to be doing my Study guide for computer but, I'm bored and I don't know any of this stuff, plus I'm too lazy to look it...

Posted by Oh Serena! @ 05/15/2004 11:32 AM GMT-8
She knows who she is,...
x Reliance x      I think we need this more than we know.  Something to finally believe in, something to work towards.  Failure.  The one thing that scares us the most is the very reason why we have to make this work.  If we fail we'll once again prove...


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