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Puerto Rico

Posted by Keanus Revolution @ 07/11/2004 10:55 AM GMT-8
Just something I made
Hey there! Well being another BORING Sunday... I made this :) Im working on a music video right now and Im sort of in the middle of it, coming up with ideas... so wish me luck! :) Well here it is (don't know what to think of it except that I kinda like it) lol Have fun... :)

Posted by Leslie Malfoy @ 01/17/2004 02:48 PM GMT-5
Oh my
So another vision came ot me the othe rnight it was all about her death. Can this be true will I loose my daughther to my husband. WHy did it all have to end today

Posted by Eliza M. Ayala @ 01/02/2004 11:24 AM GMT-5
Hi ho!
NEw Year, new entry!!!!!!!YAYAYAYA Party!, Yahoo! That is all!

Posted by Day By Day @ 12/02/2003 07:20 PM GMT-5
Another beginning intorduction
Hi, its Shorty again. Being that my friend has discoveres my journal, I may not go to Hollister®, Just Kiddin wouldnt go there anyways. Have you ever noticed, if u preppy and you know it say ....... well anyways. That store has absolutely no meaning. All it sells are shirts that are famous for...

Posted by Expired @ 11/12/2003 03:16 PM GMT-5
It hurts like a biatch..........
Well. Missed the bus this morning. Rode the middle school bus. Everyone thought I was new. Couldnt get my belt from Michele. Then Dustin gay ass promotios was pissin me off, so I tried to punch him in the face, and he put his elbow up. I fucking swung as hard as I could, and now my hand is...

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