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Posted by MoseyHanesVille @ 04/16/2005 07:06 PM GMT-5
Festival of Pain: Modern Life in Big Schuylk
Tracking a Thief As I stared across the bar, I realized the kid I was looking at had been dead for nine years, beaten to death in a meaningless fight over an otherwise-forgotten girl. What was he doing here? Why, of all places, did he choose this dance dive as the place of his reincarnation?...

Posted by Rachel @ 04/13/2005 05:22 PM GMT-5
well holy f^&#

Posted by ucmedusa @ 04/12/2005 01:48 PM GMT-5
what a joke
i haven't had a real convo with brandon since the last entry i had (about 3 weeks ago)...melisa and na both think he hasn't gotten over the fact that i hooked up wtih bill...but, the thing is HE TOLD ME TO!...well, it was more like he told bill to...but,'m at the point where i don't...

Posted by factsvsromance @ 04/11/2005 02:51 PM GMT-8
he said "you like being sad" this should have been the catalyst for everything thats been bothering her for the last year to spill from her mouth, instead she just rolled her eyes and hid it all behind a weak smile this time last year i couldn't find anything to write about now I don't think I...

Posted by My Hellmouth @ 04/05/2005 09:07 AM GMT-5
ye ol' ball and chain
Hi muffins! Doing ok today. Feeling kind of sick, but haning in there. Contemplating cancelling class today (one perk of being the professor!!) So my sweetie and I are going to make it official next week - April 13th. We are going to the local JP and going to make honest people out of...

Posted by SRU Arts Academy @ 03/10/2005 10:53 AM GMT-5
is anyone alive other than me, jess, and lisbeth?
"Cynthia"- Cait McCabe © she is a woman who sits and dreams of silly things teacups and saucers how to put up her hair what dress to wear to her party I watch from the doorway the way the dress drapes on her body curtains hiding the sun her hair is pulled up off her neck the...

Posted by Shimmer @ 02/23/2005 01:43 AM GMT-5
My Loneliness
I am haunted every day. I can't do it any more! Every day I have asked God to send him to me, the one I'm going to fall in love with! Every day I have prayed until I run out of words! How many nights have I cried myself to sleep?  I've lost count. I no longer make any effort...

Posted by DreamLover @ 02/18/2005 11:58 AM GMT-5
Been a long time be perfectly life was boring since the summer.  So you really havent missed much.  Everyday passed, but none of them really impacted me greatly enough to have the need to write about them, but recent events have changed this.  Last night was the 2005 Semi...

Posted by Ripple In My Mind @ 02/15/2005 06:48 PM GMT-8
These are some of the reasons why I love Vanessa. These arent all of them and they arent in any order. Shes beautiful Shes funny Shes smart Shes talented Shes wonderful Shes sexy Shes loving Shes caring Shes loyal Shes trustworthy She always forgives me when I screw up(which is a...

Posted by missmegan @ 02/04/2005 12:36 PM GMT-8
ahh thank god it's friday
ah this has been such an awful day.  lol.  let's see..  yesterday after school i had softball practice and it is the crappiest thing ever.  haha.  so before practice, me and ashley decided to go and get a milkshake but then we decided to go to wendy's and get a frosty...


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