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Posted by Error Blog @ 07/17/2005 12:12 AM GMT-8
No class def found for Hibernate.
No class def found for Hibernate.1) Check for the duplicate jar files in lib folder.2) For tomcat follow the sample tomcat demo given in Hibernate tutrorials. remove every JNDI related thing from .hbm.xml file.3) work with DB issues4) bb_blog_instance fix ...add a row manually5) bb_blog_users ---...

Posted by BDDoll88 @ 05/26/2005 07:45 PM GMT-5
Oh my God I'm back!
*theme music blasts throughout the arena* Oh my god He's back! Yay, after an entire year of exile I have stumbled upon my Xanga. *gasp* Which means I have returned! So the last year, anything interesting you might ask? Well...unfortunately I am NOT gonna disappoint you. Well, let's see last entry...

Posted by imperfect 101 @ 05/24/2005 09:41 PM GMT-5
death to stress
current mood: STRESSED OUT so, WOW! i never knew my life could change so drastically in five months. last time i wrote i was happy and... carefree? i don't think i could tell you what "carefree" means anymore. BLEGH. as if my life doesn't suck enough, finals are coming up and the stress level...

Posted by sami @ 05/24/2005 07:54 PM GMT-5
F.Y.I Sami's back.
im back. and better than ever

Posted by manderrrr @ 05/20/2005 04:46 PM GMT-5
existence is brutal
i just got bitched at by my dad for pretty much just the fact that i exist. my parents don't really like tyler that much, although i think it's just more the fact that i'm in a "serious relationship" and they don't want me to have that now. i sat here and cried because i'm not going to see...

Posted by Mel's Tester Blog @ 05/03/2005 07:09 PM GMT-5
im just a little tester@!!!!

Posted by Loser Punk @ 05/03/2005 06:10 AM GMT-5
Good Marnin'
Man, I really don't want to go to school today! I feel so empty because I didn't get to call Mike last night...he left his phone at home when he went to work. I tried so hard to stay awake, but it didn't work out all that well. *sigh* I hope today goes really great, I'm just in the mood to do...

Posted by pageave @ 04/28/2005 11:47 PM GMT-5
beauty in the breakdown
Winding Road-Bonnie SomervilleWell, the rain keeps on coming downIt feels like a flood in my headAnd that road keeps on calling meScreaming to everything lying aheadAnd it's a winding roadI've been walking for a long timeI still don't knowWhere it goesAnd it's a long way homeI've been searching for...

Posted by MoseyHanesVille @ 04/16/2005 07:06 PM GMT-5
Festival of Pain: Modern Life in Big Schuylk
Tracking a Thief As I stared across the bar, I realized the kid I was looking at had been dead for nine years, beaten to death in a meaningless fight over an otherwise-forgotten girl. What was he doing here? Why, of all places, did he choose this dance dive as the place of his reincarnation?...

Posted by Rachel @ 04/13/2005 05:22 PM GMT-5
well holy f^&#


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