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Posted by hotchick49062 @ 04/01/2005 11:23 AM GMT-8
im blogging r u people happy yet
hey im finally blogging r u people happy. i dont really have anything to say so yeah. i just wanted to let u all know im not dead or anything. whats new in my life um... i got my licence i got a job. life is going pretty good for me i guess if u people really wanted to tell me something important...

Posted by adrenaline junkie @ 03/29/2005 11:20 AM GMT-8
rain rain go away, come again another day
where to start... how about nationals. nationals weekend was very up and down. just like every tournament i learned a lot, but also just like every tournament theres politics that always get in the way. one of the plusses was that grand master cameron got promoted to his 12th degree sokeship. that...

Posted by everything @ 03/28/2005 04:20 PM GMT11

Posted by Is This Real @ 03/20/2005 02:18 AM GMT-8
Waiting Around...
What to say...Let us see...It 'tis be spring break and I of course have nothing to do, no where to go...Just staying at home and working all break long...But, that means lots of money for me to spend on more stuff for my drum kit... Don't know what to say really...Not much in the band area since...

Posted by Just_That @ 01/28/2005 10:15 PM GMT-8
Too close of a win
Good news- we beat Monroe! Not so good news - it wasn't by very much. This game was tied with a min left. Very sad. But I think the team held together and fought at the ends. In which I am proud. :D Since Lauren and Hannah couldn't come to practice yesterday I had to start. Mleh. lol It was...

Posted by So what? @ 12/09/2004 12:17 AM GMT-6
I HAVE MOVED TO .asp?authorcode=D467522 BYE!

Posted by mmg @ 11/13/2004 01:39 AM GMT-8
wooow lots to say..lots of emotional things
hey everyone whats up?.... lol k right now its friday we actually saturday at 1:11 am... and im downstairs in jillis basement..... she asleep upstairs and so im jsut watching tv and writing in here..... tonight we got lemons and those thick candy canes.... the you cut off hte top of the lemon and...

Posted by sesquipedalian @ 11/01/2004 12:39 PM GMT-8
Predictions, scorecard
My predictions Scorecard My predictions are based on the polling data from October 30th/31st, and also take into account the last four presidential elections (weighing each election more or less depending on how many years it's been since that election, with 1988 worth the least and 2000...

Posted by hated loneliness @ 10/05/2004 02:48 PM GMT-8
i hate this stupid thing. i go so long without being online i always forget my account name and password for this thing. took twenty minutes to log on. im at school right now. i just dropped a bunch of classes. i have to at least have one. so i dropped three. they want me to be enrolled in school...

Posted by Xiana @ 09/05/2004 11:08 AM GMT-8
Go To My New Site
Pookaville is officially up and thriving.This is my last entry on this site.Bohemian Jubliee has been a lot of fun. We've gone many places together, and I will always keep a soft spot in my heart for this page, and a link for ancient archives. Meanwhile, I'm way excited about my new site. I've...


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