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Posted by Elementally Evil @ 08/11/2009 09:59 AM GMT-8
Oompa, Loompa, Doomity-doo...
Shoo!  Out!  Damnit, I'd have it sprayed around here if there was anything strong enough to kill off those damned Oompa-loompas, but the only effect the best stuff on the market generally has is making the place smell vaguely of lilac carpet powder that's been used to cover up...

Posted by Girlhood @ 01/23/2009 02:57 PM GMT-8
Mandie and the Secret Tunnel
I was introduced to the Mandie series through my church's library.  The books were so neatly lined up and my friends (even boys) were reading them so I checked them out.  I was about 10 or 11.  The first book I read was number 3 or 4 in the series, but the next one I read was...

Posted by Langsather Letter @ 12/01/2008 11:04 AM GMT-8
November Update
Hermione is now 15 months old.  She is truly interacting with her world.  She can point to her nose, ear, hair, and belly.  She has taken her first steps on her own- very wobbly, but it is the milestone you wait for.  This month I attended MOPS for the first time.  I may...

Posted by LarryGirl @ 11/28/2008 05:05 PM GMT-8
Portland- Planning Vacations that will Never Be
Portland, OregonLeaving June 15th (or anytime early summer) @ 2:00pm (4 nights/ 5 days)Arrive @ Days Inn 3:00pm1st DayPioneer Courthouse SquareDinner @ Alexis Restaurant2nd DayPortland Art MuseumLunch @ Bread and Ink CafeOregon Historical Society3rd DayPortland...

Posted by Jane Austen @ 11/07/2008 04:20 PM GMT-8
Emma- no disrespect intented to P&P or S&S
I was officially introduced to Jane Austen my first year of college.  I read Sense and Sensibility that summer and read Pride and Prejudice the next summer.  I loved both very much and so much intended to revisit them but only after I had read the rest of her here I...

Posted by rambling @ 11/17/2007 04:34 PM GMT-8
all good things must come to an end.
hello all,granted the complete lack of any sort of response this gets, I've decided to stop dual updating. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I wrote on myspace and copy pasted to blogdrive. I get only maybe a hit a week over here, so I refer anyone who might have once been interested to the-easier-to...

Posted by MAJESTY'S DOMAIN @ 10/07/2007 06:24 AM GMT-8
So what's better??
Buying a repossesed meat smoker and wanting to keep the leg - OR - Keeping your leg in a meat smoker.   Ohh the conversations. Daily news. wonderful.. So now I'm working on budgetary issues and trying to figure out how to stretch a limited amount of money and make everything work. The...

Posted by oop, another @ 08/18/2007 10:28 PM GMT-8
We climbed the headlands of Cape Kiwanda, looking out over majestic rocks, hidden beaches and the whimsical sailboats of the pacific coast.I pulled him down besided me, sitting on that outcrop.I don't know why, but it was the perfect moment.I pushed him backwards.He landed with a confused thump,...

Posted by Cozmic Pizza @ 12/30/2006 08:47 PM GMT-6
Out of this World

Posted by Play It Loud @ 12/08/2006 12:57 PM GMT-8
another random blog
the only problem with blogdrive is that i never know what to talk i always end up going on and on about absolutely nothing. i have to work today at three. blah. i'm closing which means i won't get out of there till like 10:30 ugh. at least garon is working..he always makes boring slow...


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