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Posted by ~*PinKYs BloG*~ @ 12/06/2003 03:47 PM GMT-6
BRANDON.KTINA.CHRIS**You guys!! Last night was so much fun!! We SOO have to do it again sometime!! (NEXT TIME A MORE BETTER hah You guys are so awesome!! ILYGSM!! Brandon, ur so cute with ur hair like it was! omG now thats what u call a freakin hottie! lol.. Ur so funny, haha....

Posted by The Life of Tux @ 12/06/2003 11:46 AM GMT-8
Computers and Democracy
I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about how technology fits into our modern democracy. Not just within the business world but also how it can be used to enhance our political system and empower our citizens. The area that most interests me at the moment is that of eVoting. It's an exciting...

Posted by ElissaMaria @ 11/23/2003 12:07 AM GMT-6
Monica: A spleen is a horrible thing to waste
Shaped much like a loose fist and tucked under the left side of the diaphragm, the spleen is the most ignored and misunderstood of all organs. After all, we read numerous times that someone in an automobile accident or a fight has a ruptured spleen so the spleen is removed (splenectomy) and life...

Posted by Mr Porkbun @ 11/15/2003 03:19 PM GMT-6
A pointless update....
Ahhh yessss...... another pointless entry...... UPDATES *NEW* Yes... if you haven't noticed, HAS updated... once again. But nothing really new. They just did some rescanlations of 'Ami Nonstop!' chapter 1 part b. Um... let's seee........ hopefully by some time today I...

Posted by Purplevet4lily @ 11/09/2003 03:02 AM GMT-6
sorry its late
okay so like sorry..i havent had the time to write and mention that i had recieved my job back the next day, cuz me mum talked to the vice presidents of the colleges secretary...anyway had a meeting and got reinstated with work... anyway not much else is all that new...had some problems at home...

Posted by Crimson Manor @ 11/07/2003 08:13 PM GMT-6
Proof of the Stupidity of American Business
I picked up a couple packages of those cheese and cracker sandwiches that you can get at the convenience store before coming into work today (how convenient). The ones that have eight to a package instead of the regular 6. I just looked at the wrapper of one and made an interesting discovery. At...

Posted by White Room @ 10/18/2003 04:49 PM GMT-6
Today I do not have to work. Yay! Even though working means I will not have any money until my next shift, I can live 24 hours poor and in good spirits and health. I actually bought a beer in a skull theamed sippy cup last night at our local theme park. Upon reception I loudly declared that...

Posted by sherberr @ 10/15/2003 04:47 AM GMT-5
well this has been one of those days where everything is going wrong.. sonya is still talkin s**t and I am going to just get up and hit her when she says another thing to me. ugh I just hate people like all you "PREPS".

Posted by soonerchic2003 @ 10/12/2003 03:24 PM GMT-6
OU rules baby!!
Hey everyone!  Me and Jason are sitting back and enjoying the view...What view you say?  Just that the sooners are whoopin the crap out of those poor Texas boys!!!  Go Sooners!  Yeah i will admit i am originally from Houston, but OU has always been my team.  They are on the...

Posted by Raven's Journal @ 10/12/2003 12:15 PM GMT-6
Do me a favor..
Do me a favor and click this... p?x=1647493 It will help out my character on this game, please click!


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