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Posted by SpiritsArise @ 02/07/2005 08:30 AM GMT-8
Whoo!!! I'm in class right now. so hmm....what to say? nothing really. just that there's 4 minutes before the bell rings!!!!!!!!!1

Posted by knhb @ 01/09/2005 11:15 AM GMT11
                      WAR   Sons I wanted. Brothers were all I knew no sisters, and my mother more mystery than friend.   This desire for children came with contentment and happiness in my ...

Posted by Ride the Zeppelin @ 11/27/2004 06:32 PM GMT11
In My Time of Dying
In my time of dying, want nobody to mourn All I want for you to do is take my body home Well, well, well, so I can die easy (X2) Jesus, gonna make up my dyin' bed. Meet me, Jesus, meet me. Meet me in the middle of the air If my wings should fail me, Lord. Please meet me with another pair...

Posted by stupid_gurl @ 08/02/2004 02:05 PM GMT-6
i moved journals
hey sorry.. i dont use blog anymore, i have moved to xanga.. the thingy is.. uh well just click me! go there.. its cooler then this.. go now.. i order you!.. go go! vamos!

Posted by My So-Called Life @ 07/26/2004 03:11 PM GMT11
back in houston
ok so the cat is back in action I was reading what I wrote before now and I was kinda messed up. heartbreak does suck and reading all that I can feel all those feelings before. Well  alittle update on the "chris" situation. Well he crushed me into a billion pieces. I must be and have been...

Posted by Demosthenese @ 07/14/2004 11:34 PM GMT-6
What The hell is wrong with ppl
I can't believe that the senate voted to drop the Federal Marriage Amendment. WTF. Now as you already know from my other post, I don't look fondly upon gay marriage, and I think that all the Gays should be sent to an island, gays and lesbians alike, that way they have a chance to survive, but they...

Posted by Newt Devotions @ 07/09/2004 12:10 PM GMT9
Leviticus 26:14-39
God will punish us for our sins and will do so until we LISTEN to Him and hearken to Him. We can't ignore Him! Oh, und for the sake of adding a random symbol: É Ah yes, I plan on writing here more often now, part of the remodeling revolution of my site. I will be posting here 2-3 times...

Posted by John~Hawk @ 07/01/2004 06:15 PM GMT-6
BAM!!! 45 days since my last entry :)...
So I took the whole Schitzo test think and here's my stuff... Disorder | Rating Paranoid: Moderate Schizoid: Moderate Schizotypal: Very High Antisocial: Moderate Borderline: Moderate Histrionic: High Narcissistic: Moderate Avoidant: Moderate Dependent: Moderate Obsessive-Compulsive:...

Posted by :.:Hanson:.: @ 06/10/2004 07:22 PM GMT-6
Ok people. I'm going to do the impossible. I'm going to do the outrageous. I am going to.....conduct a survey. Why, you ask? In order to get to know you all better, I will ask you 1 question about yourself per a week. This week's question: What is your favorite color? Cheesy? Oh...

Posted by Why go on? @ 06/04/2004 02:51 AM GMT-6
it continues
im still alive.... things could be better but overall i think im alright


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