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Posted by Prayer Works @ 02/04/2007 09:02 PM GMT-5
Prayer Works

Posted by Thalia @ 08/23/2006 11:46 PM GMT-5
Im pissed
To the point i am just mad. people just disappoint me. and Im tired of being apart of it. college could not come faster. one of the worst feeling in the world is feeling like you care more. one last thing.... videogames though enjoyable at times really suck ass when a male is...

Posted by my thoughtz @ 07/02/2006 04:21 AM GMT-5
am i bothered?

Posted by Wilde Blume @ 04/07/2006 08:21 AM GMT-5
A very wet baseball game!!
I went to the baseball game last night with my homie April. I had a blast. It started raining on our way there and while I was being positive about it stopping raining April was over there being just to tick her off God kept it raining...geez... thats what ya get for being...

Posted by The Next Chapter @ 03/25/2006 08:10 PM GMT-5
We were supposed to have a day to ourselves that Renae was going to plan.  For a little more than a week I expected to be treated to a wonderful day from Renae.  Well guess what...that didn't happen.  Instead, she told me two days prior that her step dad's birthday was on our day and...

Posted by #1 Rez Youth Blog @ 03/25/2006 10:02 AM GMT-5
This is an update that is long over due. If your looking for game cheats and many other things related to games then go to sp; You can even find free pictures and screenshots from your favorite game.  Heres a picture from my favorite game. Duck!

Posted by Hard to Say @ 03/04/2006 12:36 PM GMT-5
It has been hard for me to live lately. I've been sick, missing days at work and trying to get things done at home and preparing myself for moving. Plus my relationship with D hasn't exactly been wonderful. I'm tired. I want something more but I'm too scared to ask for it or to just go out and get...

Posted by Blind_Deception @ 02/22/2006 10:04 PM GMT-5
...Best day of my life....haha NOT!
So i haven't written in a long time but there is no good reason why except for that ive been busy with work and cheerleading and boy dramaSo theres this boy that i've like had my eye on for like a few years now. and like he finally realised i was alive because id never acctually me him before...

Posted by incompitant angel @ 02/07/2006 08:16 AM GMT-7
Ok. This new blog that I've created is gonna be like a Dear Abby site. Cept, it's gonna be Dear So, invite your friends, your foes, your family, and your toes....(?) Ask me questions.   Http://blacksheep06.blogdrive .com

Posted by Peoplesuck @ 02/04/2006 08:06 PM GMT-5
Be careful, girl!
 In spite of the unsurmountable feeling of happiness I know to be careful.  Little things he says and does tell me to keep my distance.  I know if I get too close I'll be setting myself up to be hurt and that's the last thing I want.  Just little things like all the emails...


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