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Posted by Hott_Slytherin @ 01/10/2004 12:38 PM GMT-8
Im so happy :D
Wow.. Things are great.  Ok on Wednesday I called Josh.  It rang and I just figured that it would go to voicemail and Id get on with life.  But he answered so we talked for a little bit.  I was soooo happy.. He was supposed to call me back, but he never did but I really dont...

Posted by Carrie @ 01/06/2004 07:00 PM GMT-7
+-Christmas Break-+
+-Hello Oh So Beautiful Ones-+ [Mood- i feel fat, and saddened]   &nb sp;    &nb sp;  [Date-January 6- 2004]          [Music-Dont laugh...Linkin Park] +-Greetings-+ Hey people! How are...

Posted by FrEaKoFNaTuRe @ 01/06/2004 02:46 PM GMT-8
Ummm No School w00t!
I Had no school today.. And I Had All Kindsa Practice And A Student Council Meeting So After All That Me and My Swim + Dive Team Went To Subway(They Know Us There :) And We Ate Subway! Lol Were GOnna Be rEADY For The Comp! Lol I Cant Wait!!!! My Dive Team Was Awesome TOday The Swim Team Workd Hard...

Posted by LostxThexWill @ 01/01/2004 04:53 PM GMT-8
One More Down
ONE MORE DOWN another building meets the floor GOOD FUCKING BYE close the casket say goodnight On the the eve of destruction, chaos and insanity Whittling away every forced reigme Are you aware its gonna come crashing down? One day youll wake up dead and then who will kiss you goodnight ONE...

Posted by Scriptures @ 12/31/2003 05:11 AM GMT-7
yet another amendment
funny how these things work out. just as i say that i am going to marry her, she calls me and lays down some heavy duty shit. saying all this about how she didnt want to lead me on and make me think that were in love and all that. well, i told her. we are not in love. i am not in love. BUT. there...

Posted by Search4Happiness @ 12/28/2003 08:07 PM GMT-5
The love of MY LIFE!!!!
Ok let me begin and tell you that I am happy my boyfriend dumped me awhile back ago....Only because the saying of "Let something go and if it returns it is yours" is extremely true in my case. I tell you he is my boyfriend because 6 months after he broke up with me....We got back together and...

Posted by theotherhalf @ 12/23/2003 10:16 AM GMT-7
ya well just another day another dollar that we both need , otherwise shits been good and im loving it , lil arguements here and there but ya thats life, we both seem happy and thats all that matters, so im here in the damn somewhere in mesa typing my damn blog, cause thats all we got for now some...

Posted by Trudy Schuett @ 12/22/2003 09:14 AM GMT-7
one more test

Posted by punkybruster @ 12/21/2003 08:00 PM GMT-8
big huge GRRRRR
Okay...I'm going to try this post again, seeing as how it just got deleted!!!! *deep breathing* The Beyond Analog show last night was a horrible, terrible seriously sucked. The evening started out semi-okay. Matt was pissy with me because I called him at like 5:30 to find out what...

Posted by Nikki @ 12/20/2003 11:20 AM GMT-7
Scott came over last night and hung out with me and Nikki. I still really like Tim but I dunno....there's something about Scott too. He said the day b4 yesterday that he wanted to be more than friends soon because he "had to be with me" Who knows? Eh....I won't get my hopes up. Anyway, I'm off....


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