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Posted by Synthetic @ 06/02/2004 12:31 PM GMT-7
Crazy? I was crazy once...
It's official once again, I'm crazy. Crazier than an outhouse rat. But at least I'm back on da sweeeeet, sweeeeeet brain candy. This time it went rather smoothly, I's even got to take a "crazy test" to see if I was really crazy. Okay, so it wasn't a crazy test so much that it was a depression test....

Posted by Daily...Maybe @ 01/06/2004 12:42 PM GMT-7
I wrote this a long time ago! Hey ya! wow wow wow...i look like such a liar...Yea, i'll write in this everyday...PAH! ANYWAYZ....New year, new semester in everything. Umm over winter break i had like 2 boy friends...kinda a freak. Right now i actually like ash's little...

Posted by ~BrittneeNikole~ @ 05/30/2004 08:20 PM GMT-7
My Day
Well today was alright..i had to get up at like 10 to go over to Brian`s house to feed his dog and let her out to use the bathroom, and i`ve been goin over there all day off and on..((him and his family are in Las Vegas and they asked me to watch their house and to let the dog out and feed her...

Posted by Struck Chord @ 05/22/2004 12:38 AM GMT-7
Playwriting Seminars
I may be the only one who cares, but... tweb/playwriting/

Posted by aneternalsentence @ 05/21/2004 09:39 AM GMT-8
bah humbug
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Posted by Punishment @ 05/18/2004 01:20 PM GMT-7
Nos dumped me. I still sorta can't believe it. The day before graduation and he dumped me. I realize I wasn't the best boyfriend ever, and I'm sorta spazzy and emotional and high maintenance...but thats just the person I am. I've been more spazzy and emotional lately because of the stress of...

Posted by PaintMeBeautiful @ 05/01/2004 11:46 PM GMT-7
Alone on the sidewalk
I called you tonight but you didnt come to the phone. You left me sitting there listening to the fucking dial tone. your voice no longer rings in my ears, your love has left no trace. I now only long for your loving words and your gentle but firm embrace. The words that you once said, are now the...

Posted by Random Chatter @ 04/24/2004 08:25 PM GMT-8
I'm bored and waiting for my laundry to ding, so...
I guess I'll make an entry. I know, rare, huh? So let's see...I live in Tempe now...I think I already talked about that fact, I think my last post was prolly complaining about the bitchy roomate we got rid of. so she's gone and a new guy moved in. He's alright, but he's a mooch. He...

Posted by Robo Girl @ 03/11/2004 05:00 PM GMT-7
And my voice was smâll today.

Posted by Korupt @ 03/11/2004 12:14 AM GMT-7
inside out
oral sex is healthy, just gets you fired up to do other shit might even like a little ass why your at it? guys who don't eat pussy have bad jeans and will give you weak children with soft heads i am challenged cause my dad did not eat pussy


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