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Posted by blueskies @ 02/09/2009 08:46 PM GMT-7
Worse Than Poop
According to my dogs, their new food is worse than poop.Yep.They leave the food in the dish and then go after their own poop.Ew.

Posted by RagDollY @ 04/29/2007 01:41 PM GMT-8
I just read the last few entry things... I'm sound annoyingly emo. Sorry 'bout that.   Look I used yellow cause that's a birhgt lively color... eh?

Posted by aenonima @ 09/20/2006 04:39 PM GMT-7
This is a title
Ha.  I need to get out of this cubicle.  I saw the sigma sign in the format bar above and thought I could insert a formula into this here blog.  haha. Ok, so I've been blogging on Myspace for the last year or so (ok's only fake and plastic if you choose to let it be...

Posted by -TooFar2Reach- @ 05/21/2006 07:36 PM GMT-8
"all my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as tho they're here to stay, Oh I believe in yesterday. suddenly, Im not half the man I used to be, there's a shadow hanging over me, or yesterday came suddenly. why she had to go, I dont know, she wouldnt say. I said something wrong. now I long for...

Posted by Baby Doll @ 04/20/2006 03:15 PM GMT-6
Sang Real
I am reading a famous book right now, a book wrought with controversy and theories of conspiracies. It is called "The Da Vinci Code." I am more than half way through the book but not quite done. The thing is that the more I read, the more I wonder what the fate of the world would had been like had...

Posted by No-Life-King @ 02/08/2006 11:43 PM GMT-7
Holy Hell on a God-Damned Cracker
I can't believe this damn thing is still up. It's been fucking forever since I've posted on it. My computer has been, for the past several months, clinically dead. I don't mean "oh, heh, the machine is messed up and it says my blood-pressure makes me dead" dead. I mean on the fucking cutting...

Posted by ==Amber== @ 12/17/2005 12:58 PM GMT-7
x-mas is almost here!!
 CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!!! YAY Today i am working till 3 and then i am off. i am going to go to go shopping for x-mas and buy everyoneís gift. I am ready to open my presents and just know what I got!! I am not expecting much but I am expecting great things. I am freaking out about how much...

Posted by Kate's Place @ 12/03/2005 08:16 AM GMT-7
you can email me at

Posted by speak softly @ 11/05/2005 09:41 PM GMT-8
Right here By staind inspiration for poems at the moment.  so ya... This song reminds me of someone. I know Iíve been mistaken But just give me a break And see the changes that Iíve made Iíve got some imperfections But how can you collect them all And throw them in my face But you always...

Posted by Molly's Blog @ 09/28/2005 07:40 AM GMT-7
I like and dislike my job, all in the same breath.  What I like are the kids and most of the staff.  What I dislike, are the what some of the kids do, and a few of the staff, especially the people I have to supervise.  The Superintendent is a Borderline PD, w Nacissistic features,...


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