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North Dakota


Posted by Deus Absconditus @ 02/15/2009 11:47 AM GMT-8
Dirty Little Secrets
Once I had been told that I never view people as people, but as experiments. Is there truly anything wrong with this reasoning? By doing so, I keep myself at a distance, simply so I can indulge in my curiosities of what makes people tick. Recently, another one of my experiments was brought home and...

Posted by Snowboarder007 @ 02/01/2006 11:23 PM GMT-6
*Don't Belong*
Why do I feel like I donít belong Where oh where did I go wrong. I came here for help and I tried to fit in, I donít even know how long it has been. Since I showed up so randomly Looking for a lost piece of me. Like a shooting star in the sky, Surrounded by others but the only one to...

Posted by b l e h @ 01/05/2004 03:33 PM GMT-6
new home
i have a new home...a real freak`n asianavenue.  ja mata.

Posted by scheisseblog @ 11/26/2003 03:31 PM GMT-6
scheisseblog - 1.
went to the NDSU library looking for research for a paper due on dec 8th. battled some little devils in the second floor men's bathroom. the walls have a really nice marble texture. looks quite old, yet classy. est time: 10minflushes: 2handwash: yes

Posted by victoryquenched @ 11/10/2003 11:08 PM GMT-6
  Never     I never knew weíd be together again, But itís shined on me like a million stars. Shining so brightly against the radient sky. And for once in my life Iím happy. Iím a free soul; a fluttering flying being... Wrapped in the tenderness of my own love. I canít quite...

Posted by snowcow @ 11/03/2003 09:31 PM GMT-8
Bitching on here starts now
Sup People,     Name: Moo Age: 18 Sex: Dream about it all the time, but dont know anyone especial enough school VCSU work: To lazy, schools caf. Fun stuff: Dancing, hangin with friends, but all my friends are back in cali, but ive gotten to meet some Kool people here in ND. I...

Posted by Spotted Elk @ 08/31/2003 04:00 PM GMT-6
Closing My Blog!

Posted by Nearly Forgotten @ 08/26/2003 08:00 PM GMT-6
SURVEY...this is a long one!
. : Basics : .[ .001. ] first name: William[ .002. ] middle name: Michael[ .003. ] last name: Spotted Elk[ .004. ] nickname(s): NONE![ .005. ] gender: Male[ .006. ] age: 14[ .007. ] birthday: 11.30.88[ .008. ] height: 5'7'' or 5'6''[ .009. ] hair color: Black[ .010. ] eye color: Brown[ .011. ]...

Posted by anni @ 08/18/2003 05:08 PM GMT-6
League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
 Well I spent $7.75 on a movie last Friday night. My friend Erin and I fought record temps in our home town Bismarck, North Dakota by hiding in the dark of the local Grand theater. Now we decided to go to a movie at 9 that night, so the only movies we could possibly see were American Wedding,...


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