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North Carolina


Posted by What's My Name? @ 08/29/2004 08:49 PM GMT-5
Not Here, Not Now
[H.A.V.E Y.O.U]BEEN KISSED? yesKISSED SOMEONE? yeahBEEN SAILING? sailing? not boating? yesSTOOD AT THE EDGE OF A CLIFF? yeahBEEN SKYDIVING? no but i want to before i dieROCKCLIMBING? on a fake wall, yes.SANG TO YOUR FAVORITE SONG? by myself or with lots of people to drown out my voiceGONE TO SCHOOL...

Posted by BB/DM RPS @ 08/16/2004 08:35 PM GMT-5
Drabble Monaboyd
Dom sighed and ran his fingers through Billy's hair. It just seemed too surreal. Yesterday Billy had dumped Ali on live TV and told Dom that he loved Dom and always had. It seemed like a fairy tale. Dom had wanted this for so long and now he was afraid that it wasn't real. If he was dreaming he...

Posted by 800x600 @ 08/11/2004 03:57 PM GMT-5
Where's the beef?
Ha! My creation is finally complete! *Evil cackle* This was going to be my second blog, but honestly, I can't keep up with the one I have. I couldn't very well stop in the middle of my project though. The idea behind it was that it was going to be my computer's blog where she could complain...

Posted by book of the Realm @ 07/27/2004 12:52 PM GMT-5
Testing of email posting
Greetings people, I'm changing the basic function fo this blog board to a link base for links to add into my site. I reserve total autority to remove any suggestion/comment at any given time _____________________________ __________________ No banners. No pop-ups. No kidding. Make My Way your home...

Posted by New Blog @ 07/27/2004 10:42 AM GMT-5
Test Blog

Posted by inhishadow @ 07/20/2004 09:25 AM GMT-5
printer computer master
I haven't updated in a while, but i think I'll just talk about whats going on now with my life. Currently I'm working myself out of the world yet again because I fell heavily into it sadly but yet never loosing faith I would come out. Mike from church (the one who plays in the worship band)...

Posted by XMy_W0rldX @ 07/14/2004 02:28 PM GMT-5
Family..and other little things(right?)
Hey Everyone!..I have not updated in a while and im sorry..Its probably because ive been I guess oh-so-what busy..Anyways what I was mostly going to write in here was that my family up in Indiana is comming down for a little visit. I can't wait also because I get to see my best friend and cousin...

Posted by Krazy chick @ 07/04/2004 12:30 AM GMT-5
"You leave me lonely"
   Happy 4th of July!      i'm really bored, i didn't do anything for 4th of July, I didn't even see any fireworks. thats okay though, I just got off the phone with Kevin and he got burned, i had a good laugh at that. He hates that i don't burn only tan, i'm not...

Posted by keithandteri @ 07/04/2004 10:11 PM GMT-5
Missing Child Alert
Yes, we have a missing child. His name is Matthew William Guin. He is approximately 5'11", brown hair, blue eyes, and about 170 pounds. He was last seen wearing a Boy Scout uniform at Camp Raven Knob near Mount Airy. Supposedly, he was hired by the camp to be a Life Guard, yet we feel something...

Posted by The Journey @ 06/27/2004 03:15 AM GMT-5
my favorites...
first entries are always my a clean canvas that i haven't had a chance to fuck up yet...but i promise, with just a little time, i'll fuck it up fine... the journey to Trail's End starts monday...not a real life journey, like i'm not walking there, but the figurative journey...i...


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