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North Carolina


Posted by Bloom To Parish.. @ 11/06/2004 02:46 PM GMT-5
ANOTHER layout...
I absolutely love this layout, of course since I tweaked it myself. I plan on using it for a while too. My last update was AGES ago. Mostly been posting in the Live Journal anyways. But now that I have this layout, I'll be posting alot more here as well. Let me know what you think of this!!

Posted by NWSAJUNK by:ADMIN @ 10/15/2004 02:43 PM GMT-5
Arrest Summary   Arrest#:1211420     PID#:306546     Name :   WILKERSON, KRISTIN VERNELLE Alias:       Race/Sex:W/F Date of...

Posted by Amanda's Blog @ 10/13/2004 06:02 PM GMT-8
Woah...flashback...'s been a looooooong time since the last blog.But have no fear,Amanda is still here!I'm alive and...well,I'm not um,well,so scratch that.But ANYWAYS...I started school since the last update.Hell,I've already been out of school since that update,and I'm already back again,lmao.Well,so...

Posted by &!;l05ar3tte @ 09/20/2004 10:12 PM GMT-5
Don't Mind This..
Dont mind me fixing this layout :].

Posted by charmlesslee @ 09/14/2004 06:06 PM GMT-5
Welcome Holbrook.
Ah, joy of joys!!  I have a new baby!!  I finally got a pet that can watch tv with me and greet me when I come home to my apartment!  My roommate is anti-fuzzy, due to her dealing with her last roommate and her two cats, so a compromise was reached and I got an excuse to try out a...

Posted by My Point of View @ 09/12/2004 10:22 PM GMT-5
Let's get it started................
What a weekend. I had school, and it went well, but I have a feeling I will be BUSY this semester. I've made plans to go to Charlotte for the Renaissance festival Oct. 15-17!  I bought a Renaissance dress and everything, I can't wait. One of my kitties scared the hell out of me...

Posted by funibuni @ 09/12/2004 10:20 PM GMT-5
it is so incredibly hard to understand another person from a point of view different from your own. it is hard to comprehend why they think the way they do, why they act the way they do or how you don't get what they do. really though, to realize everyone's motives, everyone's thoughts would...

Posted by rain on my parade @ 09/06/2004 04:21 PM GMT-5
CON-fucking-FUSED... and IN-goddamn-DECISIVE. ... suck.  

Posted by my stupid blog @ 09/05/2004 07:38 PM GMT-5
take me to the dungeon!
ooooh im a traitor!  woe is me.  i have a xanga now.  i know, those evil things.  but its easier cause i dont have to log in every single time.  i will still type here.  i promise.  just not as much....

Posted by What's My Name? @ 08/29/2004 08:49 PM GMT-5
Not Here, Not Now
[H.A.V.E Y.O.U]BEEN KISSED? yesKISSED SOMEONE? yeahBEEN SAILING? sailing? not boating? yesSTOOD AT THE EDGE OF A CLIFF? yeahBEEN SKYDIVING? no but i want to before i dieROCKCLIMBING? on a fake wall, yes.SANG TO YOUR FAVORITE SONG? by myself or with lots of people to drown out my voiceGONE TO SCHOOL...


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