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North Carolina


Posted by bbbco's Domain @ 03/02/2006 01:57 PM GMT-5
Layer 1   Name: Brian Birth date: July 27th, In The Year Of Our Lord, 1985 Birthplace: Warsaw, IN Current Location: Dorm Room   Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Dark Brown Height: 5'10" or so Righty or Lefty: Right...

Posted by EvilAms @ 01/02/2006 11:44 PM GMT-5
Often times I don't like you.
"I'm lucky," he says leaning against the dirty bar wall. He's speaking to me--about me--with besotted breath of fire. I know these words are for me because he's like this when he's been drinking. And although I'm here against my will with the jukebox blaring wretched music and wearing the most...

Posted by Ship In A Bottle @ 12/27/2005 12:22 AM GMT-5
Christmas 2005
  Son of a bitch. I hate hypocritical people more than anything.   Anyway, Christmas came and went andddd I didn't even get the phone call I wanted. On a happier note I got a basketball goal, two, actually.

Posted by ManyColorsOfLove @ 11/20/2005 08:20 PM GMT-8
Love of Wonders
"The Love is created by me and for him. His is created for him, and given to me. The love will never fail." When we are together it is wonderful. I have not seen in which feels like forever, and it has been that long(to me at least). I miss him now. I am remembering when we first met. ...

Posted by glynis @ 10/31/2005 01:17 AM GMT-5
the level of nerdiness is astounding!i'm sure shawn among other senior senile TIPsters would other news, my driving partner is the best friend of a prostitute, and she purportedly smokes like a chimney, and one time very brightly and sweetly told us this story about her aunt who was...

Posted by tokitikki @ 10/17/2005 07:58 PM GMT-8
and it only took about two years, really...
but it feels more like three. I've owned for twoyears now, as of september. I have finally got off my lazy arse and done something with it.for your information: update your blog - clickynew tokitikki designs merchant site: ...

Posted by HOTRODEGAL @ 09/15/2005 03:38 PM GMT-6

Posted by Aimless Journey @ 08/01/2005 01:51 AM GMT-5
Its been a while
   So, I really wish I could just not want a relationship.  I sorta went to prom with Caitlin.  We didnt actually go as a couple or anything, it was more of me going with my freinds; me, matt, sprinkles (those guys are preety much my roomates, almost like brothers),...

Posted by bluemagick13 @ 07/22/2005 10:00 PM GMT-5
It's Time for a Revolution
I am so jaded by popups. I remember back when all this spam business was just getting started and I believed the fibs and got all excited. No longer do I care if my computer is infected with spyware; the thoughts of having a million viruses is like water off a duck's back, and no, I would...

Posted by *-Alex-* @ 07/22/2005 06:37 PM GMT-5
France in the Summer. it's made me rethink my life.
I'm in France! At Amandine's house! yay! hey i just found the exclamation key !!!!!! awesome!!! !!!!! cool!definetly using a laptop right now for this and it's french, lot of the keys are in different places in stead of asdf-jkl; like they taught u in keyboarding class it's qsdf-jklm i'm in a...


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