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North Carolina


Posted by DaynaM's Journal @ 04/27/2007 09:53 PM GMT-5
a time to drift ....
Well hello..its been quite a while since I have wrote. I have been really busy lately..Working two jobs... trying to go to the beach as many times as possible...and ending a love that my heart couldnt take.Wesley... * was a great contributor to my journey in life. I wanna regret going to...

Posted by ren1010 @ 01/15/2007 03:46 PM GMT-5
alcohol, goodbye.
i cant go to my homepage on myspace. i guess my profile is undergoing special maintainence or something. my luck, eh? i'm reading harry potter, for the first time in my life. i dont know what struck me last sunday, but i wanted to read and didnt feel like reading anything by stephen...

Posted by Talking to Walls @ 12/29/2006 08:05 PM GMT-5
Christmas in Florida
Starting now...uh, a week ago, my Christmases will be different.Yeap, this year my family decided to spend Christmas at Disney World.  We hadn't had a family vacation since '99 and since I'll be moving away come summer, my parents wanted to do something.  Now, instead of going day by day...

Posted by Punishment Divine @ 09/26/2006 10:07 PM GMT-5
The Wanderer
A Wandr'er they called him, such paths did he tread, forever his feet moving, but no place for his head.   "My goal" he said was this, "to arrive safely at home",  athough shrouded were his steps, and heavy were their toll.  Mist cov'red ground beneath, and thorns...

Posted by The[Pit] @ 08/09/2006 02:21 PM GMT-5
I just dont understand it. I really dont. The fact is, I miss her. Just when I think I'm over her this feeling comes back. I dunno, maybe this is just a phase. After that dream I had, and what I did to her in it, I hope this is just a phase. That shit really freaked me out. It still does. I can...

Posted by smilesalot @ 08/02/2006 07:05 PM GMT-6
Counting Down
Howdy howdy, So there is only like one week left of this summer class mess.  Now that I look back on it all, taking classes this summer really worked out well.  I had the apartment and now Im living at Alysa's apartment (my wonderful sunshine, who is the bestest ever) until...

Posted by Packfollower @ 07/31/2006 05:18 PM GMT-5
my birthday
Today was my birthday.

Posted by Reveal-The Studio @ 06/07/2006 01:04 PM GMT-5
A lot has happened since I last updated...that's all I'm going to say. I am alive however. It's been really busy lately.

Posted by Shagadelic @ 04/19/2006 03:53 PM GMT-5
Tainting The Record Books
Another season of Major League Baseball is upon us in full swing.  The top story every day?  Barry Bonds.  The guy is 7 home runs away from becoming the number two HR hitter of all time, and 48 away from holding the title to himself. But the game is tainted.  Barry Bonds...

Posted by Weekly Tidbits @ 04/08/2006 02:30 AM GMT-5
Pride Bushido 10
  had Bushido 10 on 3/31.  They aired the American version (all save 2 bouts, which will air on Fox Sports Net on Sunday, 4/11) on Monday, 4/3. All in all, it was a very good show.  Some great action, and good technique shown, as Pride arguably has the best p4p fighters on...


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