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New York


Posted by toilet training @ 09/02/2013 01:52 PM GMT-5
Thanks Potty Training In 3 Days
I found potty training in 3 days by Carol Cline online. It did wonders for me. It is a proven method for quick and easy potty training even the most stubborn child in 3 days flat. It provides guides, videos, and audio files to get you on way. After understanding the system it was...

Posted by EASY INCOME @ 09/02/2013 09:47 AM GMT-5
Make Money Uploading Videos To Youtube
Youtu be is one of biggest website out there today. There are million dollar companies out there that wants to spread their promotional videos on youtube. This is where you come in. Most companies are too busy or don't have the know how on upload videos to you tube. ...

Posted by My Lifes Travels @ 04/27/2013 03:46 PM GMT-5
Vacation times
Here I am. Just came back from a great vacation to Vienna, Austria. My aunt lives there and me and my sister went to visit the family. Had a good time and can't believe how good my aunt looks and is. She is 89 and up and around, out to dinner and drinks with us, walking, talking and doing...

Posted by Ramin Rak @ 12/18/2012 03:25 PM GMT-5
About Ramin Rak
Ramin Rak is a board-certified neurosurgeon with over twenty years of experience performing complex brain and spine surgeries. Ramin Rak is currently affiliated with Neurological Surgery, P.C., which is New York's largest private neurosurgical group. This affiliation means that he performs...

Posted by iMage Recovery @ 11/09/2012 07:34 PM GMT-8
How to Restore iPhone Lost Contacts that I want to get back?
I obtained a brand new iPhone 4S today and as well as the person in the store transmitted all the numbers from my outdated iphone to the new one. When We back house My companion and we plugged my own phone straight into iTunes also it asked me personally to recover to my personal settings , I just...

Posted by Entrapment @ 11/01/2012 02:05 PM GMT-5
What's in a Theme? What's in this one?
All right. Here's where I try to explain what I'm doing with this "entrapment" business. Not in really clear terms; I'm not sure of it yet and don't want to solidify anything that might still be improved, but clear enough that myself or a curious person might look here to find out or remember...

Posted by Hot and Bothered @ 08/08/2012 08:16 PM GMT-5
Ponderous Ponderings
Ponderous Ponderings(and swearings, sorry I was cranked) ** by M Ary S Joyner on Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 9:24pm · Public Friends (+) Only Me (+) Custom Close Friends Syracuse Area See all lists... Family Liz Lanza's Salon & Day Spa Cicero- North...

Posted by honest art talk @ 07/03/2011 08:23 PM GMT-5
a few days late...or when babies decide to arrive...and the creativity of maternity
I have been having fun when asked "when are you due?" in the supermarket. I simply smile and say, "three days ago" and watch as everyone tensed or otherwise freaked. I'm feeling great and have no idea when this little one will arrive. We expect the baby will change everything (in such a magic way)...

Posted by Cawfee @ 09/12/2010 09:26 PM GMT-5
I am living in New York City and I am wondering how to go about superstardom. I'm not on the road to that at all. Superstardom is you reading my work and feeling a change or a shift or a loss of breath. Or something. It's been a year since I've written in here. My boyfriend is the only...

Posted by Jazz and Poultry @ 04/28/2010 12:44 AM GMT-5
Leaving New York
I never thought it would ever happen.  I figured I would live here the rest of my life.   A friend of mine  told me that once you make it past the five-year mark you become an official New Yorker.  I made it past the first five years.  In that span I...


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