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Posted by directoREi @ 12/19/2003 06:46 PM GMT-8
i'm startin to have some fun
.. sorta, kinda, maybe.. winter break is getting better! RaE and her parents came over the same day as our P.I. and Ireland visitors. RaE and I chilled a bit and went out, we had some fun times! On Tuesday, [121603] we went to go see Love Dont Cost A Thing. eehh, what a terrible film,...

Posted by AtariStar @ 12/09/2003 10:22 PM GMT-8
I hate complaining. It's the one thing that I wish I did less of.  I am just stressed out and I hate that. I hate when everything is going spectacular and then all of a sudden the world just turns outside down. I will admit it. I have had one tough week. Everything sucks. Yes...I do feel this...

Posted by Suicide King @ 12/06/2003 10:16 PM GMT-8
My inner being
"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked. "Oh you can't help that,' said the Cat: 'We're all mad here. I'm mad, you're mad." "How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice. "You must be," said the Cat, "Or you wouldn't have come here." - Lewis Carroll Alice's Adventures In...

Posted by Wings of Light @ 12/04/2003 03:09 PM GMT-8
The light of dawn hit my eyes as they fluttered open. He was laying beside me, and i was now sittingup. I let my sapphire orbs graze over the man bside me. His breathing was short and quiet, and his dirty blonde hair was tangled in many places. His face was peaceful, and there was a small goutee on...

Posted by overEMOtional @ 11/02/2003 05:10 PM GMT-8
The Weekend ..
Well then .. itís been awhile .. so .. lets recap the fast few days ..   Wednesday .. last day of school for the week .. I was supposed to hang out with my boyfriend, Brian, and my friend, Chris .. but .. Brian had to go home to watch his little brother .. so .. it was just Chris and me .....

Posted by ya know ya wanna @ 09/24/2003 06:13 PM GMT-8
i hate mediocore days!!!!
ome today was so fuckin' boring. i mean i actually did my homework cuz i was that bored. I did talk to Paul though which was pretty cool. I think i'm feeling vibes from him but then it looks like he acts the same way with all the other girls he talks to also! so i don't know... But other than that...

Posted by Princess @ 09/23/2003 03:13 PM GMT-8
Nicole Sherman
Ok this entry is about Nicole Sherman.If you think she's my friend your wrong.Nicole Sherman is the preppest most stuck up ass clown in this world.She pissed the fuck outta me today.I was THIS CLOSE on losing my temper and I was about to knock the bitch out.It all started today after school in...

Posted by Gabby's Blog @ 08/23/2003 04:53 PM GMT-8
lalala! I'm bored there's absolutely nothing to do! I have to go back to school on Monday. that sucks. it starts earlier this year. it starts at 7:00 am. 7:00 AM!! thus meaning if i want to catch the bus (that my parents are making me take this year 'cause they're too lazy to drive me themselves)...

Posted by Agony @ 08/21/2003 02:46 PM GMT-8
testing 1 more time
well this appears to be the 'IN' thing to do so i will just have to check it out for a bit. anyway rainy day :) beautiful, nothing smells cleaner than a rainy day...peace

Posted by ButterFly @ 08/17/2003 12:35 AM GMT-8
Not A Good Day...
Everyone I seem to love, or not even love, just...really like or seem to want to be with...seem to be in another state or in this case, are going to another state. Let's back up a bit here...Aubrey left me a nice lil note on my desk thursday before she left work saying that she's "too busy" for...


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