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Posted by I HATE PEOPLE @ 01/21/2004 05:05 PM GMT-8
I'm A Lucky Bastard
Hey whats up everyone who reads my stupid crap. I had a great time at Kaylee's. I slept in her bed and her shirt came off. She told me to let her upper body be my wonderland. She was on her period though so we didn't go to far. On Tuesday I broke up with Amanda. So this is all good. She hopefully...

Posted by theforceoffailure @ 01/15/2004 07:17 PM GMT-8
we bring our thoughts we let them lie
i woke up craving heroin. it was sooooo scary. i've been clean for so long that i don't understand what's happening. ugh. mike told me he missed me last night. we've never even met and we miss each other. i really think i'm beginning to fall in love. i'm stalker-core. i'm going to start...

Posted by Melly @ 01/13/2004 07:25 PM GMT-5
my so called life..
I'm starting this over, i'm moving on, none of you will know so i'm starting new. fresh. i'm tired of fighting of crying of loving. i'm sorry nicole i never said anything bad about you, i'm sorry you heard or thought i did, i have nothing bad to say about you. i was confused but never said anything...

Posted by [w0ke up ina car] @ 01/11/2004 10:46 PM GMT-8
i had a feeling i could be someone.
just listenin to some dash. xo0 Always assuming the worst But you're going on none the less And there's nothing to cushion your heart led fall Letters from further away Keep pulling me close to home And there's something to cushion my callous sighs And I know that you hope for Longer...

Posted by Squarepantsville @ 01/03/2004 11:04 PM GMT-8
Today I played Need For Speed, Hot Pursuit Two, and The Cat In The Hat on PS2. I was lazy today. Nikalus played with some of his games he got from Chrtismas and I played Dragon Ball Z: The Legency Of Goku Two on my Gameboy Advance SP. I am feeling tired right now.. its late here. Goodbye and...

Posted by Monkeys 101 @ 01/03/2004 04:27 PM GMT-8
Ha Ha I Logged Into Zacks blog
Well Hello there people this is Twinkie well since Zack is stupid and he never logs on to update this thing i've decided to use my extreme knoledge of zack to get into his blog and just talk to people yeah this is fun Zack Dude Write in here!

Posted by rockerbimbo @ 01/02/2004 12:06 AM GMT-6
i wanna die again
i wanna die again did i make a mistake by letting one of my best friends go out with someone i really care bout maybe i dont think so right now i just want both of them 2 be happy even if i'm not i really care bout my ex still but he doesnt wanna be with me oh well i'll try updating more often

Posted by equivocal @ 12/29/2003 12:10 AM GMT-8
Drunk for the F1RST Time
+ 12/27 SATURDAY:  My little sister's 11th birthday.  Aww.  So my girl cousin Annette was workin' today while my other cousins weren't.  So we just chilled at their crib doin' absolutely nothin'.  Haha.  Then while I was online, Annette IMed me askin' what I wanted to...

Posted by blAh @ 12/27/2003 05:52 PM GMT-8
My Friday
Yesterday was a mellowed out day but was still ok. JJ, James, Candice, and her niece Ayana (I-on-uh) came around 7 to pick me up to go to The Orleans to see Peter Pan. That movie freakin rocks dude! Everyone who played in the movie did a bomb ass job! The kid who played Peter Pan, he is most...

Posted by army of cheese @ 12/26/2003 08:01 PM GMT-8
Birthday Rants, and My Celluloid Life
Ok...Well, I need to rant, so feel free to leave anytime! Yesterday was Christmas. We didn't do anything. We had dinner on Christmas Eve. I don't know why. We didn't eat anything fancy for Christmas... Don't know why either. We moved to Las Vegas over the summer, away from Maryland, where I was...


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