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Posted by Kiana @ 02/15/2004 10:19 AM GMT-8
Bending Against My Territory: Entry 2
Indeed, they were vicious beings, winged yet blind. Perhaps they could detect my presence here in their former home. Yes, I failed to let that precious piece of information reach these pages, lest I feel guilty. But if anything goes wrong, it'll all be here in black and white. Sun has now set, an...

Posted by feigns-at-love @ 02/13/2004 11:43 PM GMT-8
i know its not a party if it happens every night
THREE THINGS THAT SCARE ME: 01 | sharks 02 | ghosts 03 | friends ----------------------------- ----------------------- THREE PEOPLE WHO MAKE ME LAUGH: 01 | that one black guy 02 | friends 03 | my brothers ----------------------------- ----------------------- THREE THINGS I LOVE: 01 | my...

Posted by DeepThought @ 02/09/2004 06:06 PM GMT-8
Dying for life.
Death... Notice how people go on with life, never thinking of it... doing stupid shit that brings them so close to it for a rush, and never realizing how serious of a thing it is.  They're invincible to themselves. "It'll never happen to me." But then something horribly wrong happens to them...

Posted by cassie @ 02/09/2004 01:05 AM GMT-8
The future....
I wish that I could be stable enough right now to beable to support a family. I know that I am ready as soon as finances get straightened out and I get my shit in order. I know that I want you to be the mother of my baby, and that I want to raise a family with you and have you in MY LIFE FOREVER. I...

Posted by leo @ 02/09/2004 01:38 AM GMT-6

Posted by Seventh Angel @ 01/26/2004 09:38 PM GMT-8
kimi to hanarete omou koto ga aru issho ni iru toki wa kizukanakatta koto There have been times when I've thought about leaving you When we were together I wasn't aware of it waraiaeta ano koro wa minna onaji you ni naiteita ne yorokobi mo kono kanashimi mo wakeatteita yo ne Back when we...

Posted by Chrysanthemums @ 01/26/2004 09:06 PM GMT-8
BLAHHHHHH yarg! arg arg arg! sailing sailing over the bounding waves.... eeelelelelel pooka pooka pooka...just a few of my ranodom sounds goodbye hello i heard a knock upon my door but never expected to see you here hello how've you been i haven't seen you in years are you still...

Posted by Falling Dreams @ 01/23/2004 07:45 PM GMT-8
You are Loss. Your life defines tragedy. You have experienced great hardships on an unimaginable scale and it has jaded your view of life. What Emotion Are You? brought to you by Quizilla

Posted by Know Info @ 01/22/2004 10:51 AM GMT-8
Ok, so i haven't wrote in this blog for ahwile what do you expect i was sick with some weird ass flue. Usually i get over my flues in a day this one lasted a few days. But anyways lets see here....... anything great happen withn the 11 days that i havent wrote in here.....hmmm...nope cant say...

Posted by Jae's Blog @ 01/22/2004 01:01 AM GMT-7
A long week...
Hey ya'll...hope life is treating you well. This week has been extremely long and I have found that the only way to drown the sorrow of losing grandpa, is to design beyond capabilities...So I have been overwhelmed by my website a lot. Things just don't seem to be looking up just yet...but I'm...


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