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Posted by starrant @ 11/18/2005 08:56 PM GMT-8
Well goddamn. I live.
Still in the city of sin and all is well. Divorce is final. Am working a decent job. With a man I totally adore. Getting ready to jet off to Maryland for business. It'll be good to see my Dad again, I miss him lots. Wow, comparitivly, I'm really borning to how I use to be. I guess that comes...

Posted by SeeingSpots @ 08/22/2005 08:14 PM GMT-8
nobody look
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Posted by The Muse In Me @ 06/27/2005 07:53 PM GMT-8
Happy birthday to yooooou..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR AALEEEX!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOU! And many mooore! *appwaudes* Happy SWEET SIXTEEN hun! I love you so much! And just to think.. your poor mother was in labor with you right now!! lol jk jk. Live it up sweets.. the good times are...

Posted by shady1 @ 02/17/2005 05:50 PM GMT-8
ode to a friend
Ok I have not blogged for over a year but something really shitty has happened and I should get it off of my chest.  One of my best friends and the person who introduced me to this sight has taken his own life.  I just wanted to take sometime and talk about what a great person he was and...

Posted by dying in a dream5 @ 02/14/2005 04:06 AM GMT-5
i feel like shit. i feel like i am nothing. i figured out that people just use me. well guys just use me. either to make them feel better about themselves. or to hurt someone else. i wish guys would just leave me alone. i have this friend. i have known since the beginning of last...

Posted by Sycamour LAne. @ 02/13/2005 05:31 PM GMT-8
<font color=crimson> Numero UnE.
. Die For A Kiss.. My face against the gravel feels nice right now Maybe my face, beat in, will look nice tonight, here I donít fear it. Here fear just isnít needed... Tomorrow Iíll wear the scars with pride. Maybe youíll hold my hand. Youíll see that I survived this. The knives will...

Posted by One Day @ 02/06/2005 12:47 PM GMT-8
Heck Yes
Yea, its Sunday. I'm super bored. I decided to make another blog. So anyway, I hope the Eagles friggen win today. That would be awesome. I don't really care too much though. So if the Patriots win and you laugh at me it's okay. There ain't much goin on today. I'll write more later when something...

Posted by Look! Pictures! @ 11/21/2004 03:34 PM GMT-8
In the ghetto
Wonderful new art on the back of the dumpster hold.  Quaint isn't it?

Posted by Travel Blog @ 11/04/2004 05:51 PM GMT-8
Question for you nature types
I nicked this from my regular blog.  So, I guess it really isn't nicking, just covering all the bases.  Right? If you happen to read here any at all, you may have gathered that I am planning a trip to Germany as well as several other Eastern European countries.  In case you didn't...

Posted by Viro's Life... @ 10/18/2004 02:50 PM GMT-8
Evil Empire and [DE13]...
So, no blog in a while, but a major announcement. [DE13], the Dark Empire, and Evil Empire are now causing havoc on two fronts. [DE13] has long been the sickness in the gaming community, and now Evil Empire spreads the disease on web. Check out The Evil Empire to watch. The corporate empire...


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