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New Mexico


Posted by Cool Lava Lamps @ 08/29/2014 04:45 PM GMT-7
Trippy Lava Lamps
This site has some pretty cool lava lamps on it -

Posted by [the sauce] @ 07/17/2009 03:25 PM GMT-7
boy i wanted nothing more than to crawl inside you,to live inside your heart and feel it's beat surround meI wanted only to feel your love.and when instead I felt you tightening your wordsI wanted to tear you openand find all those things you wouldn't say to mebut you could never let me be on your...

Posted by kajira Dreams @ 08/24/2005 06:14 PM GMT-8
damn stupid blog wouldnt let me in

Posted by Rip_Williams @ 08/23/2005 06:40 AM GMT-7
My 30th Birthday...and the 8th Annual North Valley Bocce Ball Invitational!!!
Okay, okay...I guess I'm celebrating this catastrophe. My "Big 3-0" party will be at my home Saturday, August 27 @ 5pm. Fo r those of you who are "Bocce Ball Invitational" virgins, the party will continue until 10am Sunday :-). We'll have assorted grilled items, beverages, a hot tub (no clothes...

Posted by TwiSt3d LiF3 @ 03/12/2004 10:15 PM GMT-7
»» Co0L DaY ««
» » So I guess today was actually pretty cool! It was a normal day and I went to school... I hung out with my friends and yeah... Let's see hmm... its weird! Like all of a sudden all kinds of people are HATING me. It's not like I have done anything wrong. So, If they want to be like that then...

Posted by kimxmay blog @ 02/21/2004 09:32 PM GMT-7
im a tease
oh ok.

Posted by Naturalwriter @ 02/08/2004 02:51 PM GMT-6
In the Now
 ok so my head is spinning out of controol! lately i have bee doing my chores and my brothers chroes. also i have been on the track team so i dont even get home till about 5 pm than i have to do homework nd chores till about 8 whih is when i finally get to talk to my boyfriend...hmm there is...

Posted by Cellar Door @ 12/27/2003 11:09 AM GMT-7
well, i've been posting on my old blog recently...not here. so if you've been wondering why i haven't posted, go re-discover me, my life and all that jazz. i'm out.

Posted by sangenfant @ 11/20/2003 09:52 AM GMT-7
As I sit here in english, I'm reminded of my poor blog. I was talking to that girl about how I feel bad if I don't write in it once a day. I guess it's not all that bad that I don't though, but I feel empty if I don't. I make it feel like an obligation. I don't know though. I guess everytime I get...

Posted by White Zombie @ 10/21/2003 07:53 PM GMT-6


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