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New Jersey


Posted by hollygolightly @ 03/30/2007 05:53 PM GMT-5
space noun, verb1. the unlimited or incalculably great three-dimensional realm or expanse in which all material objects are located and all events occur2. a place available for a particular purposeWANTED: a particular purpose and events to occur.

Posted by Daily Dose @ 12/29/2006 09:41 AM GMT-5
You're really lucky
I'e been thinking about where I'm going to go to college a lot.  And, as much as I dont want to, where mike's going.  As much as i told him not to follow me, part of me wanted him to.  Thats why I put so much hope into rider.  But then he didnt like it.  and well, i really...

Posted by nutnurse @ 12/06/2006 09:51 AM GMT-8
finding fault with me!
I should have known there was gonna be a problem when Bonnie showed up at the house yesterday morning with a big plate of cookies.They were my favorite---soft, home-made oatmeal and smelled so yummy! They were also full of pecans!It went downhill from there. Bonnie is very organied, very much the...

Posted by SadisticLand @ 10/08/2006 01:10 AM GMT-5
Just let it happen.
I wanted to tell you how I let the half-inch-high white porcelain rabbit, the one I tore off my sisterís fourth grade diorama,  fall off my night stand Ė snapping his perky ear clean off.  I wanted to tell you how I donít give enough of a shit to glue it back on.   I wanted to tell...

Posted by kissamazing @ 09/28/2006 01:41 PM GMT-8
Growing Up Jersey
Whoever buys a copy of my book, Growing Up Jersey, from is entitled to one date with me, this does not entitle you to get physical affection and I do not have to pay for anything. If you bring the book on the date, I will autograph it for you as well. So check out Jennifer M. Sabatino's...

Posted by hyperashell @ 09/25/2006 06:09 AM GMT-8
holy shit
i havent been on this site in about a year or 2 maybe... wow reading those entries... i sound retarted god im glad i grew the fuck up... ha life sucks and then u die

Posted by Princess @ 07/02/2007 11:04 AM GMT-5
Update. Whoa. (adding some more updates to the picture)
Hello, all. It's been a loooooong time since I've written in this blog. Now MySpace is the new thing, in which I have one, I sort of forgot that I still had this. Sorry! I also still have my Xanga, but not the one that I posted in the previous entry. That's all gone. So update? Sure, why not. 2004...

Posted by Osmotic Maelstrom @ 08/24/2006 06:53 PM GMT-5
courting controversy part the first
What's the reason for instinctively wanting to help and protect the old and frail?  In an evolutionary sense - aren't they functionally useless?"They possess wisdom beyond our years" - I hear people say.  But we have computers and recording devices.  We can have a record of...

Posted by iTS G0!N d0WN @ 07/06/2006 01:48 AM GMT-5
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Posted by Lisa @ 04/08/2006 10:48 AM GMT-5
Long Time
wow is been over a year since i wrote in tell u the truth i kinda forgot about it....okay so shawn n i are bak together....hopefully this will last.....cause i do love him so much....humm i went to berkeley college for a sem. but it sucked ass soo am workin full time at...


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