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New Hampshire


Posted by mom's-missing @ 01/09/2004 12:08 PM GMT-8
New Blogger
This is all new to me.  Let me introduce myself.  I'm a crazy mom living in New England.  I currently dabble in everything from handmade handbags, folk art paintings  and everything in between.  I've been selling on Ebay for about 2 years.  Right now I'm exploring...

Posted by Nikole @ 01/04/2004 02:00 PM GMT-5
[mood]-- sad [music]-- ?¿  holy shittttt!!!!! i cant believe vaca is over already, damn this sucks* {even though ive been out of school for longer} well atleast i can say i had a gooooood time*  Owell if i get tired ill just sleep in class, whoooooo...

Posted by tasha @ 01/02/2004 09:50 PM GMT-8
I went to the movies wit  peter, katie, adam  and before we went to the movie me and  kt wen to CVS to get sum gum..  which was so  funny. we made peter and adam get the  tickets for  the  movie and they got tickets for calendar girl( old ladies) don't watch...

Posted by diary of a madman @ 12/24/2003 05:31 PM GMT-5
Diary of a Madman..
has moved to orpsiclexplease update your bookmarks,

Posted by Hottie Handbook @ 12/22/2003 11:17 PM GMT-5
Matt Laneve
Name: Matt Laneve Age: 12 How we know him?: School Eyes: 4 Hair: 4 Body: 3 Personality: 5  Kissablity: 3 Muscles: 2 Lips: 3 Clothes: 4 Smarts: 4 Smile: 3 Cologne: 4  Skin: 5 44/60

Posted by JENN @ 12/19/2003 04:55 PM GMT-5
HEY HEY HEY all is perfect!!!! NO hard feelings toward TOM and i am going out wit Derek! i <3 Ya Derek! TTYL for now!!!

Posted by Lisa's Journal @ 12/18/2003 02:47 PM GMT-5
What a busy day!
I had to bring Anna for a flu shot this morning at 9:30. Of course when I got Evan up for school this AM at 6:00...he said he wasn't feeling well. He felt warm so I took his temp & he had a temp over 101. Of course I couldn't send him to school. Anna was getting into everything & Todd...

Posted by Crybabi @ 12/17/2003 08:38 PM GMT-5
Im sooo bored........Nothing happens to me my life is boring at times,yupppppp We had Practice today for cheerleading,we got our uniforms it was super cool!the captains have 2 piece and the rest have onesies but its cool too. lalalalalala im bored as usual!like i said above...

Posted by Imperfect_Envy @ 12/17/2003 04:51 PM GMT-8
Today i sat with Devin on the bus like always , Cassie and Devin came to get me for that long walk to the bus stop. Im happy me and Devin are getting closer like we used to be. Its weird though because we used to have this weird little physic thing where we knew what the other one was thinking...

Posted by Courts @ 12/15/2003 03:45 PM GMT-5
its beginning to look a lot like christmas
yay my clothes from hollister are here, they are kinda ugly but u know what-life goes on. my get sandy with a surfer shirts kinda ugly i just like what it says haha. My mom just came and brought me a coffee coolatta, she got the wrong kind but wasnt that super nice of her? i thought so. Its...


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