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American Samoa

Posted by salechep123 @ 04/13/2014 07:51 PM GMT-8
new miniseries on ralph lauren polo the modelling industry
Models 'eat cotton balls to keep weight down' A revealing documentary is set to blow the cover off the dark secrets of the glamour industry. Talking about the gloomy side of the glittering fashion industry, supermodel amy lemons revealed that when she was a model, her agent asked her to eat...

Posted by The Art of Fresco @ 08/05/2007 07:51 PM GMT-8
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Posted by taintedregrets @ 12/17/2003 05:19 PM GMT-5
Well, isn't this nice?
Today = Meh. Watching The Simpsons. If you're too busy when you're around your boyfriend to talk to your bestfriend, just tell me. I don't like getting looks from the both of you about how unsubstantial my prescence is to you're conversation. Which probably wasn't even a conversation,...

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