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Posted by Diary @ 08/20/2003 04:19 PM GMT-6
The past yr.
         In the past i let people walk all over me and now it just seems so easy just to let them do what they want to. so today when i woke up life was good, i went online to check my email and the worst happened, again, my best friend, well who i thought was my...

Posted by elibra6969 @ 08/20/2003 06:21 PM GMT11
it is bright and blue and down the pavement it flew four wheels and 350 chevy and not very heavy the ass is high but not higher then i the cam may be a little lumpy lets hope the road is not too bumpy or the passengers jumpy

Posted by Megz Secretz @ 07/25/2003 05:59 PM GMT-6
If i only had one friend left
Everyone needs somebody to tell their secrets to. Someone who understands them, someone who's just like you. When no one seems to care, you always stick right by my side; When my world gets dark and confusing, I can count on you for my guide. We've experienced so much together, but...


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