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Posted by HateWll's Spot @ 05/01/2004 07:16 PM GMT-6
Hey guys....GUESS WHAT?? we are in the tournament finals! even though i didnt play today (millard contest) and i will tommorow, and im g2 make sure we win against kelly's team! OO YEA! im dreading the jazz band dance though....phillip has soccer practice, so he probably cant go...but ill ask jeff...

Posted by Kay Tee @ 04/30/2004 08:25 AM GMT-8
ThE bOiZ aRe WaItInG...La lA La lA La
Wow its finally friday, this weekend is going to be interesting? haha no it will be fun! Saturday morning my family and i are driving to iowa for my cousin's baptism. The baptism is Sunday so we are gunna stay in a hotel. Woohoo! Saturday nite we are goin out to eat with Zach, Cody, n...

Posted by KaThRyN @ 04/19/2004 05:42 PM GMT-6
For these past couple months I have been feeling and acting oddly. Ususlly i am laid back, carefree, hyper, and always smiling. But lately i havent been this way. I couldnt tell you why, its a mystery to me. Some days i can be so happy but then a hour later im sad again. Im so moody. At first...

Posted by My Daily Thoughts @ 04/18/2004 10:39 AM GMT-6
Long Time...No Post
Hello everyone out there in blogland.  I apologize for not manintaining this very well, but golf season is upon me and I have been busy working and playing a game that I enjoy.  Anyway, things are going well here and wedding plans are moving along.  Sometimes I wish they were done...

Posted by RoadRnnr07 @ 04/10/2004 07:04 PM GMT-6
WHo sings these songs?
Who sings song one? And who sings song two? 1: The summer days are gone too soon You shoot the moon And miss completely And now you're left to face the gloom The empty room that once smelled sweetly Of all the flowers you plucked if only You knew the reason Why you had to each be...

Posted by LostInTheMusic @ 03/14/2004 04:25 PM GMT11
Sometimes I feel like one day I'm just going to wake up from this huge dream I've been living and get to go back to the world I once knew such a long time ago.  But it almost hurts to know that I won't.  I'm never going to, I can't.  THIS is reality.  Which in all...

Posted by A Thousand Angels @ 02/23/2004 04:20 PM GMT-8
UGHERS! Dun ask about te pinkness ;3 i just felt like a change and it goes with the super kawaii icon ;3!!!! operation: work on website (aka homebase!) is commenseing -___O alex damnit write some fanfiction. as for me, operation fanfics is also in motion! ;3 ...a southern girl with her...

Posted by silent thunder @ 02/10/2004 07:26 PM GMT-6
its an art
the art of hoganing. what more can i say?  to the bastards that created the term, fuck you.  wait, i take that back.  i hope you are run over by a freight train and then skull fucked by a squirrel.  you networking fucks.  all you ever do is sit in that room playing...

Posted by doseofmattitude @ 02/09/2004 06:37 PM GMT-6
Hmmm i hate being sick, i allways seem to be sick just when schools is starting up again or in Febuary anyways im lagging in my homework and crap and need to get cought up or my parents will be so piiiiiiiiiissed off well thats it for today hopefully tommarow will be...

Posted by Fat like us @ 02/05/2004 10:24 AM GMT-6
Another snowy day
It's snowing again!  If this keeps up, we will break our record for depth of snow on the ground.  Not a record I really want to surpass.  Again, I bowed out of work, cause I am a wieny.  Oh well.  But I feel vindicated, cause I have watched several vehicles attempt my hill...


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