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Posted by Hookerwithapenis @ 12/13/2003 11:28 PM GMT-7
I saw the smoke before the train hit our lives together ended to quick i could tell the end was near your love has changed why dont you care i watched the plain before it crashed i watched you changed you never came back pain is friend always is near i saw the end now its...

Posted by frameless @ 11/23/2003 04:20 PM GMT-7
Finally found a home.
After weeks of chaos, I found a secure place to live.    I was living with a friend and his boyfriend for about a week.  That situation proved to be dramatic.  They got in a huge fight.  The cops were called.  And I was given 4 days to have all my stuff out of the...

Posted by whit @ 11/18/2003 10:22 PM GMT-7
suga suga how'd YOU get so fly!!
oh man sorry i havnt wrote in a hella long time but omgosh! i have been sooo busy getting everything fixed with all the boys and wanna know what i came up with! ok i dont like kalen anymore i have had the time to see what a loser he is and i dont  want anything to do with him we got in a big...

Posted by Apok @ 11/05/2003 06:53 PM GMT-7

Posted by dunno @ 10/16/2003 04:47 PM GMT-7
hi my day was boreing!!!!!!all i got to do was sit around and be bored.©lalalalala:-)


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