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Posted by Rice Fields 7 @ 05/11/2016 05:43 PM GMT-7
Joy: Day Two
My word for the year is joy. Which is kind of ironic, considering I’ve been a wee bit short on that specific commodity recently. I guess you could consider this point in life as my equivalent to hitting the restart button. I was talking to my mom recently, and she said, “Regardless...

Posted by Christ's Bike @ 06/24/2009 05:38 PM GMT-7
This place still exists?
Well, on a whim.  I decided to check to see if this place was still here.  It is, and I'm updating.  Imagine that.  Today there was a spider crawling on my leg.  The reason I noticed, is because I have so much leg hair and could feel it.  Well, that's all I got.

Posted by Sukion @ 05/19/2008 11:31 PM GMT-7
FWB... me?
  So... we're stuck. We're stuck in this loophole of shit I can't seem to break free from. I feel like the songs where the lead singer's screaming for someone to save them. Someone to take them out from the pain and suffering that is; their relationship with this aweful person. Matt's not...

Posted by brokendragon @ 02/20/2006 10:15 PM GMT-7
Hey all you bloggers out there!!!!!!
Hey all of my fellow blogger friends.  This weekend has been interesting for me.  I have been sick in bed which is of no surprise to me.  have you ever wondered why things just don't seem to go right????  i know that i have been feelin that way a lot lately.  ...

Posted by meow @ 02/15/2006 11:04 PM GMT-7
Oh bananas
69 odd Questions1) Are your parents married or divorced?divorced since i was 32) Vegetarian?grandparents are so I eat some meatless products3) Heaven?i'm soo there4)Come close to dying?yes bad....5) What jewelry do you wear?ring from Christmas from Kevin6) Are you eating?right now? no8) Makeup?LOL...

Posted by Tryst @ 05/16/2005 08:37 PM GMT-8
Gettin High
Everyone is getting high.... I hate weed. I wish there was no suck thing. I wish alan wouldn't love it so much. Everyone is having fun but me... Maybe its my fault if I wouldn't be so up tight... Or whatever I am. Honestly I don't know why its such a touchy subject. Its just hard for me. I...

Posted by Cave overload @ 01/06/2005 10:44 PM GMT-7
neglected i will show you neglected
Ok yes this site at the moment might be neglected but ive been really busy, to busy to update but now i will be able to update and such.  and just for the record in am not the overlord.  the one that wants to bring down tubby, but i am the overlord of the cave and dont for get it.  i...

Posted by ___Just A Girl___ @ 11/16/2004 09:46 AM GMT-7
...Shes's Sexy...
[ x ] the story behind your user name: It sums up the purpose of a blog!* [ x ] where do you live: Billings, Montana [ x ] 4 words that sum you up: cRazY, Bubbly, Daring, Fun DESCRIBE YOUR [ x ] wallet - khaki American Eagle; matches my purse [ x ] hairbrush - Pink [ x ] toothbrush -...

Posted by Edit the Sad Part @ 10/08/2004 07:37 PM GMT-7
Okay, here is a proposition for you, supposing that you get on and write in this blamed thing.  Since I came up with our first little discussion I think that you should come up with the next.  I don't care if its really controversial because I like researching things to talk about. ...

Posted by Pretty In Pink @ 08/28/2004 10:32 PM GMT-7
Hello Everyone!*!* I've been sooooooo busy!*!* So when did I last blog....the 11th?? WOW!*!* Ok I guess I have a lot of updating to do...LOL!*!* Well, I went to South Dakota on the 12th and came home on the 14th. Sturgis was cRaZy...LOL!* I have never seen so many bikers in my life...LOL!* It was...


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