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Posted by Toe Fur's Reviews @ 02/16/2004 10:16 PM GMT-6
Unreal 2: The Awakening
Today's review is of the video game Unreal 2: The Awakening for the Xbox.  I had heard alot of good things about his game and heard that the conversion to xbox from PC was ok.  I will tell you right now that everything you may have heard about this game is wrong!!  First off...

Posted by Oh the Voices @ 02/16/2004 09:37 AM GMT-6
Story Ideas
Hmmm Okay lets see whats been kicking around inside my head. 1. Mother nature Story...Young girl lives i a coastal town and has a normal life. He next door neighbor is a sweet old lady(Mrs. Crenshaw) who has a cat and likes to garden. One day Mrs. Crenshaw becomes sick and after time she...

Posted by ~*DiEdRa*~ @ 02/15/2004 11:17 PM GMT-6
In all honesty why did God make so many assholes. i mean because there are so many assholes in the world. as long as ONE person is getting what he/she wants but when they get it it is all find and dandy...but fuck this shit i'm tired of it. i mean i dotn want ot loose a friend and i'm sure i wont....

Posted by SISTA ROCK @ 02/10/2004 08:39 PM GMT-6
what up! havent written in this for like 2 weeks...but anywho! today is tuesday the 10th. Valentines is 4 days from now. I hate Valentines Day...cuz i never have anyone to share it blows! And good thing that its on Saturday..cuz if it was at school then i would feel even worse..cuz nobody...

Posted by sarah's journal @ 02/08/2004 04:04 PM GMT-6
in response to the last comment
sweetlipskathi » I forgot you stabbed me in the back, Bitch. I liked Matt, and you knew it! that was written in the little comment box next to my journal. that was not really "sweetlipskathi," that was someone pretending to be her. you can tell because in the previous comment written by the...

Posted by home @ 01/31/2004 08:34 PM GMT-6
hello dudes whats up i am doing fine here.

Posted by Birdman @ 01/26/2004 11:40 AM GMT-6
    I thank God he sent you to me, For you and I were meant to be. We have a bond too strong to break, We have a love no one can take. In you, I have found a love so true, My heart is filled with love for you. Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat, You make...

Posted by mental midget @ 01/17/2004 06:44 PM GMT-6
My Prison
My Prison  In this place I am blind In this prison That is called my mind Sadistic thoughts Fill the air But I have realized That I don't really care Into hearts Enters hate Destruction of one another Is mankind's fate So I locked myself In my prison To protect me from The war...

Posted by Journal @ 01/14/2004 07:03 PM GMT-8
Journal Entry 1-14-04
Our trek through the moutain pass lead us no where. Nor could we find where the fire had been comming from. As we checked our map, we decided it was best to make haste to Tularean Forest. There we will camp for now, and head out in the morning. In the distance i remember hearing a faint sound as...

Posted by My Randoms @ 01/12/2004 09:14 PM GMT-6
Back in the gym!!
Well, I am back in the gym as of today and I was so happy! It really made me feel good. It was nice to have that time away from the baby for a while. I am on the path to weight loss and I am excited about it! I really controlled my calories today because I am going to have soup, salad and...


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