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Posted by MovieTV Answers @ 03/22/2004 05:19 PM GMT-6
Johnny Cash - Hurt Video

Posted by Random Blah @ 03/14/2004 04:28 AM GMT11
New Journal!
I promise I will update this one! ers/johnnyd1788/

Posted by Haven Of Light @ 03/10/2004 04:12 PM GMT-6
Listening to: When You Come Down - Holly McNarland Feeling: bleh my freakin throat is itching and burning like crazy! I hate allergies! Today was boring, same old same old. Except in fourth hour the school's power went out for ten minutes, which was kind of cool. I can't wait until it's 5, then...

Posted by Chachi Chats @ 03/09/2004 10:25 AM GMT-8
Joe Collins can you hear me?
Well, the communication with Joe Collinshas been a failure. Recall that Joe Collins was the nut case who lived in the condo next to my friend Chad.  Joe Collins thought that Chad and his secret organization had been following him around town in helicopters and breaking into his...

Posted by Evanescent @ 03/06/2004 02:35 AM GMT-6
Eternal Winter
Eternal Winter Melting away in this eternal winter, Never to see hope reborn with the coming spring. Even snows melt then but I remain frigid still. Hypothermia has set in. Loneliness, the cold wind that blows through this evanescent being, holds no warmth. Alone I fade, alone I...

Posted by Zebnothing @ 03/05/2004 10:31 PM GMT-6
Im back
Its been a long time since i made an entry. I guess i just been lazy. But i do have other online journals that i keep that i like better than blog. But i was bored so here i am making an entry bout nothing. I guess i could write about how i hurt a girls feelings recently. Me and her had been...

Posted by Fighting Words @ 03/04/2004 05:31 PM GMT-6
Leaving here. Heading to LJ
Yeah I got the bitten by the bug. Kinda addictive using LJ since everyone is "connected" (Oh, I sould like Lain). Anyway I will be there at rs/squilg/ so please if you want to read about me I will post there from now on. Thanks Blogdrive you have been  great!

Posted by Divine Discontent @ 02/24/2004 05:41 PM GMT-6
Okay, so what I'm about to say may freak some out, but don't worry. Tis k. I was thinking last night during the convo about how I am supposedly obsessed with murder. So I was thinking,  Would I be capable of it? I came to the conclusion of yes. I think I'd actually be capable of murder...

Posted by Pixeltree. @ 02/21/2004 11:08 PM GMT-6
The recorded confessions of a timekeeper
And so the trial begins, as we stand laughing in all manners at the fellow trying in vain to balance amongst the beaks of birds. Sleep deprivation might have its long-term effects, but these forthcoming symptoms have appeared rather quickly--two and a half days after the trial started. Things...

Posted by gabby @ 02/17/2004 05:14 PM GMT-5
Just another day in this small town know what really irritates me...what really bursts my bubble...what really just makes me sore?! ways....What makes me so mad is when people judge other people by what they look like or what they hear......GRRR I say!    There is too many people that judge...


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