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Posted by Satellite @ 06/30/2004 05:27 PM GMT-6
What have we done with innocence? It disappeared with time, it never made much sense
I've been thinking a lot lately and I wonder even more. What would it be like to have... a best friend. I mean Girly Jane brought it up, Kashmir has too. I was reading through profiles and I saw all these people listing their "bestest friends" and half of the people I knew without a doubt talked...

Posted by GEM @ 05/27/2004 06:57 PM GMT-8
Hey Stupidos
HEY HEY~~ Emily here. just at home... alone...again! nothing to do crappit.. im grounded until Monday and tommrow is Friday so i think im ok.. cause i have to go to a wedding on saturday and tommrow well... i dont know maybe brittany can come over since she lives right across the yard...

Posted by Matt @ 05/22/2004 03:42 AM GMT-6
test entry 101bvn

Posted by hepcat @ 04/25/2004 10:08 AM GMT-6
4 Miles, 3 Hours of Sleep, and 1 Revelation
Ran the Trolley Run this morning. Poor time, just under 9:30/mile. Probably due to lack of sleep, minor foot injuries, and just generally being out of shape. My left foot seems to be plaguing me when I ramp up training. It happened about this time last year when I was training for the...

Posted by Weight Issuez @ 04/19/2004 08:14 PM GMT-6
So far so good!
My eating has been wonderful today! For breakfast I had 2 pieces of bacon and my yogurt. For lunch I had tuna sandwich, fat free chips, and a diet soda. I have also been drinking my water. For a snack I had a gulp of milk and some low calorie crackers. For dinner I had red beans and rice, a salad,...

Posted by A day in the life @ 04/11/2004 03:07 PM GMT-8
Easter 2004!
It's EaStEr! This morning my family and i went to Riverbend for brunch. It was really good.  I wore my favorite bebe shoes, the light blue ones with the metal heal.  I actually looked half decent today. ..good thing becuz i met some really hott guys.  It was fun.  Kind of a...

Posted by Aleesun's Life @ 04/01/2004 11:36 AM GMT-6
moving rs/aleeesun

Posted by Kravings @ 03/27/2004 01:06 PM GMT-6
Wrong door. I had to tell this LS last night, that I wasn't taking any advice from her when it comes to men. All this foolishness, and she wanted me to double date, so I could get out of the house. My aunts say I'm too young to disregard marriage and giving my life to some man who may or...

Posted by MovieTV Quiz @ 03/25/2004 10:48 AM GMT-6

Posted by Inside My Head @ 03/22/2004 11:26 PM GMT-6
I went out with brittany last weekend and i met this guy named brent kleiers!!! we made out for awhile and went shopping and stuff it was fun!!! now were going out its been a week and 3 days!!! he's so hott!!! he's the sweetest guy ever!!! and my parents hate him, but i dont care what they...


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