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Posted by Incandescent @ 12/13/2004 06:40 PM GMT-6
PDA ramblings
I told someone today that I was being introspective and reflective. It's a strange combination but it works for me. I don't know I just have all these feelings for certain people that seem to be getting to me. I think with the holidays coming I just want to be with someone even if it isn't the...

Posted by the1Lam @ 11/15/2004 09:04 PM GMT-6
Relationship trends?
For someone who is as basically traditional in so many ways... I have been breaking away from those trends more and more lately. Example in point...   Lately I've been analyzing the men that I've found myself attracted to in past years.  Especially lately.  I'm wondering if...

Posted by Harb @ 10/31/2004 11:59 PM GMT-6
Awesome Quotes
So I just watched the movie, "Latter Days" and it was so good!  I kinda want to cry, and I kinda want to laugh and be happy... it is was a roller-coaster of emotion It is definitely one of my top five gay-themed movies I have ever seen.  It should be on the list of must see movies...

Posted by AmyinMo @ 10/22/2004 02:44 AM GMT-6
another day
yep, just another day. i saw my therapist today. kimberly is her name. yeah, i know, kimberly. i hate that name. i see her about once a month just to get some stuff out. lately, i just haven't been happy. even when i was up in memphis with cj. i'm just so neutral lately. i am soooooooo ready to get...

Posted by Buigera @ 10/16/2004 11:35 PM GMT-6
Sorry that I have not been writing. I have not been home lately (so long that I have time to do anything) I have been out and about. 27 more days and I am 16 and 30 more days and I get my liceans. How ever you spel it. I am not going to talk long but I can not wait till I get my car back. I am...

Posted by Letters To You @ 09/07/2004 09:10 PM GMT-6
Letters to You
Letters to You    Be it open conversation, a quick note to make you smile, or even your deepest darkest fears..  Write here.  Honesty is policy and I always think before I post.  To get to know each other better, or just invest an extra moment when we have...

Posted by MINE! @ 08/24/2004 08:47 PM GMT-6
*huggles her Sapph and Jewells*
Hey guys  :) I'm okay first off, well I won't lie, I am never okay...LOL  I moved, hence the longtime not online.  Just got my computer unpacked and reconnected so here I am.  Got the kiddos back in school and stuff, and nobody died so I guess I am doing pretty good. ...

Posted by Skip @ 07/30/2004 08:18 PM GMT-6
 hey emily here. watching zorro and talking to zac.  Antonio Banderas is the shizknit. i swear! Today was kind of sad because three people asked me to go do stuff with them but as always i am stuck home watching my mother's children and watching cursed music videos while chatting online....

Posted by Chatterbox @ 07/22/2004 03:01 PM GMT-6
hello all! havent written in a long time! well me and michelle had SO much fun in branson! i didnt want to come home! :'( but i had to... i did brake up with josh and that didnt go so well. but we will both have to get over it..and i think i already have! suprise! lol but school starts in about 3...

Posted by Satellite @ 06/30/2004 05:27 PM GMT-6
What have we done with innocence? It disappeared with time, it never made much sense
I've been thinking a lot lately and I wonder even more. What would it be like to have... a best friend. I mean Girly Jane brought it up, Kashmir has too. I was reading through profiles and I saw all these people listing their "bestest friends" and half of the people I knew without a doubt talked...


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