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Posted by makeupnmindgames @ 08/30/2005 07:44 PM GMT-6
This Is Me Giving Up
I learn to love myself And I don't need no one else And when a love moves on, 'Cause it gets cold Then another moves in And it can fill the hole I'm one more hopeful Lying on the bedroom floor No sense trying When the whole thing drops You lose your nerve I hope you get what you...

Posted by Spanish Online @ 05/26/2005 11:35 PM GMT-6
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Posted by turpentine @ 05/23/2005 02:53 PM GMT-6
*sigh* I feel miserable.... I know my friend's husband is kind of a whore.... but... yah know... I figured that his flirting with me was just to irk me.And it probably still is. He knows I wouldn't go that far sober.... but... holy FUCK! I can't stop thinking about how hot it made me....That is...

Posted by magic letters @ 04/14/2005 06:18 PM GMT-6
   The great thing about this blog I discovered today. This journal nobody knows of, here nobody know's who I really am. I can share my deapest secrets here and I feel they will be safe forever. The problem with this is that I wish I didn't have to hide anything from anybody. I...

Posted by Khara's Craziness @ 03/11/2005 05:31 PM GMT-6
Life On Hold.....
I have been so remiss in writing here, but to be honest not a damn good thing has happened and I am so sick of seeing myself whine I could blow chunks!  So, I am just hanging and keeping my shit together, keeping the kids in line and pretty much living my usual pitiful excuse for an...

Posted by Amber @ 02/13/2005 11:45 AM GMT-6
Making It big
Nobody said it was going to be an easy task. The main thing is that you beleive in yourself. I am finnally reaching that goal. Let nobody tell you anything you don't need to hear. If they say something they shouldn't, let it come out the other ear, and just walk on by like they don't even exsist....

Posted by playgirl @ 01/27/2005 03:39 PM GMT-6
its been a while
havent wrote in a while but yeha i have dropped out of school my father walked out on us so its just my mother adn i i have fallen in love with a guy named Jason he is great i found out that he dont really love me adn yeah that bites ass.  on tha brighter side i have come up with some good...

Posted by Mary's Ramblings @ 01/25/2005 06:39 PM GMT-6
Alas, another entry
Not too much going on. Work work work. Seems like that is all I ever do. Not that I do very much at work... but it's just boring. I guess I really shouldn't be complaining. :) I didn't do ANYTHING last weekend. Which is why I'm making up for it this week. :) Thursday I'm getting off work an hour...

Posted by 2Steps4ward @ 01/03/2005 12:54 PM GMT-6
I feel I should make the required comment that I have switched to putting my daily postings on my LiveJournal.  With the common trend of my friends using a unified journal site, it's easier to keep track of everyone.  That site is linked to the side of this one... Please come visit me...

Posted by Incandescent @ 12/13/2004 06:40 PM GMT-6
PDA ramblings
I told someone today that I was being introspective and reflective. It's a strange combination but it works for me. I don't know I just have all these feelings for certain people that seem to be getting to me. I think with the holidays coming I just want to be with someone even if it isn't the...


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