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Posted by ShoStudio @ 12/10/2003 08:11 PM GMT-6
Gathering stuff and taking pictures to update website and binder.

Posted by Kemper's Blog @ 12/10/2003 11:26 AM GMT-6
Final Thoughts
My final project exhibits several perceptual qualities that stimulate several of the senses and help create a community atmosphere that is needed for such a public building. However, I donít feel that I was successful at relating those individual perceptual qualities to the building as a whole....

Posted by Studio4A @ 12/10/2003 10:10 AM GMT-6
Final Thoughts
Looking back on the semester I feel pretty confident that both of us learned alot. We learned alot from each other and also from the project. It was a bit awckward figuring out how to do a studio project in groups. However, I think we managed to make it work nicely. My opinion still stands though...

Posted by Sirobe @ 11/17/2003 09:29 PM GMT-6
Universal Design
Here are the things I did for the universal design. 1. The entrances are celebrated.  So no matter which one you use, you don't feel like you are more important or less important than someone using the other entrances.  2.  The entrances both have distinct landmarks. ...

Posted by Studio 2003 @ 12/07/2003 07:33 PM GMT-6
December 7
Today we worked on our production binder. We're trying to organize all our process trace into some kind of understandable format.  With the project at an end, we'd like to make a few comments about the results we achieved.  We both learned alot from one another about site planning,...

Posted by daily journal @ 12/07/2003 06:49 PM GMT-6
Sun. 07 Dec 2003- Post Day Wrap Up!
Jury went ok. It could have went a little better. I am proud of my work. Professors had very positive thing to say about it. My building was totally different from everyone's building. The semester was both challenging and rewarding in itself. Looking back on that semester, Professor Monson...

Posted by day alone @ 12/04/2003 08:02 PM GMT-8
Thoughts come racing in...
You make me think that I failed when I tried.  I'm scared that everything I've ever said has been wrong.  Am I never right?  Are there no good qualities wrapped up in my degrading, manipulative, condescending personality?  Am I not what you used to dream about?  I want to...

Posted by John @ 11/07/2003 08:16 AM GMT-6
Yet another day...At least it's Friday.
Well, this is my second attempt at making my life better by venting.  It helped yesterday so lets see what it'll do for me today.  Last night me and my wife had yet another stupid fight.  I say stupid not because fighting is stupid but because the reason for the fight was stupid (as...

Posted by Research @ 10/14/2003 10:34 PM GMT-6
Performance Criteria for Building
Performnace Criteria for Building: check  back for updates to list * Building should be sensitive to users needs * There should be a connection with surrounding context * Flexible so that spaces adjust to users needs * Design with respect to human scale * Maximize natural daylighting *...

Posted by PBL IV-B 2003 @ 10/02/2003 12:26 PM GMT-6
Introduction to Project
This studio project works to build a public discourse abo ut the needs of humans through architecture. Using the theory of dialogic communication, the studio will build a design methodology from which an ethically-bound architecture can emerge which supports social justice and human...


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