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Posted by cockney accents @ 06/03/2004 01:44 PM GMT-6
day #11
introduce yourself to someone you know but never speak to notes:  ok.  so i went to dance team practice today introduced myself to at least 2/3 of the girls there.  you know...nikki collins, amber abel, kelseys, sarahs, etc.   they all looked at me like i was some...

Posted by Pollyanna Flower @ 06/01/2004 02:10 PM GMT-6
  the crashing.  oh, the crashing - ripping through my head, my dreams, my heart, splitting them in two.  the crashing...but worse, the scream.  just one, and just for a second, but, god, the scream.  tearing through my soul.  i couldn't see it; my windshield was too...

Posted by JeNniFeR's BloG @ 05/30/2004 04:00 PM GMT-6
well everyone has offically got a xanga now.. and its crazy. kinda avoiding. i'm starting to think that xanga isn't really all that after everyone has one i mean there no fun.. but i still like it better than blogdrive. sorry blogdrive but yes i do kinda miss ya! i mean how coudl i not i had you...

Posted by Military Faries @ 05/28/2004 02:56 PM GMT-8
Ha! You are a golden pig rachel!!!

Posted by Froggy's hole @ 05/11/2004 11:39 AM GMT-6
Fat Pig
Well...I am at the highest weight since I have been back.  I know a lot of it is the intestinal thing, but yesterday and this weekend I had a big eat everything I wanted session before I went on this fast diet like I know how to do thing.  My birthday is the 23rd of May and my goal for...

Posted by $$sugga baby$$ @ 04/06/2004 02:37 PM GMT-8
ummm lets see....HEY!!!!!!!!!!
hey everyone i know that it has been a long time since i wrote you so lets get caught up on all of the new and old buisness...old buisness: 1) well me and keith finally broke up...we went out for one month.. 2] me and kelly are best friends again...yeahy!!! new news: 1] i finally realized that i...

Posted by dexter @ 04/02/2004 03:26 PM GMT-6
it's the weekend!
I am excited that it's the weekend and that Jake is my boyfriend.  Both of those things are happy, but Jake is the one that makes me smile even on the weekdays, so I like him better than weekends.  Speaking of which, I will get to see him this weekend and I think that he will come see...

Posted by WhAt yOu DoNt kNo @ 03/30/2004 05:31 PM GMT-8
well today was an....okay day...ya no not to great and not to bad... i think i finally figured out who i liked..but i need to talk to them about it but i duno what to say!!i went to the ja and starkville academy game today....and i was maddie brooke and i met some hannah girl! so that was cool! and...

Posted by Ruth @ 03/23/2004 11:46 PM GMT-6
when you're too happy...
personally i dont believe in such a thing. maybe its just me that thinks that, but i doubt it. everyone's been through high's and low's right? so why revert to a low when it's not by force? it makes no sense. which is why i hate girls. ok, not hate. but their indecisiveness drives me up a fricken...

Posted by rachels blog @ 03/20/2004 08:51 AM GMT-8
hi   my hand itches  spring break was umm ok i guess better than gd chicago  geeze   do you know what they do in chicago for spring break??   NOTHING  no seriously they dont even HAVE spring break!!! omg and it SNOWS!! i mean REAL snow!!! up to your...


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