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Posted by This is who I am @ 08/22/2005 03:09 AM GMT-6
Why does the wrong person always say the right things? Why does the people you love most in the world gave you the most grief? Anywho Iím selling two domains They are 15 each(includes private registration) Paypal only Once the payment is...

Posted by ~*greatest.fall*~ @ 12/21/2004 01:57 PM GMT-5
can't wait
hmm.. christmas.. i can't wait.. i gave all my present to everyone at work today! its was great. everyone loves there stuff.. i really can't wait to give all my stuff to my family. hmm.. what else has happened?  got a $195 cell phone bill )= blah.. yea text messaging... only have 300 and...

Posted by bammargera39110 @ 11/13/2004 06:48 PM GMT-6
i dont remember, just click on it
I dont remember, just click on it lean on me, your friend, and fall into the hole i've dug with my hands misleading, mistreating, and leading you astray the falsities of friendship are little known but well exploited for benifits and attempts to get in your way Ask me what it means all...

Posted by iTs My LiFe BiTcH @ 10/16/2004 01:43 PM GMT-6
unicorn... the last one to ya baby
I want to say something to him. I just don't know what. I've said it all before, and some voice in my head is telling me he probably doesent want to talk to me. But thats a lie, i know he does, as much as I want to talk to him. I want things to be how they used to be. And now when the thought "I...

Posted by YoU iN mY lIfE @ 08/15/2004 06:06 PM GMT-6
 She Thinks She Needs Me" -Andy Griggs She thinks I walk on water She thinks I hung the moon She tells me every mornin' They just don't make men like you She thinks I've got it together She swears I'm as tough as nails But I dont have the heart to tell her She don't know me...

Posted by Blackd*Out*Echo @ 08/11/2004 05:47 PM GMT-6
well...that's that then. schedule and assessments (oo, that sounds waaay to official) homeroom/1st period:   Mrs. Vann-Writt. Comm. I HATE PATTI!!!!!  o my god, do you KNOW how annoying it is to sit behind that girl while she's going on about how punkish she...

Posted by Disabling Mercury @ 07/25/2004 01:22 AM GMT-6
Oh wow.
JamieKit: why? JamieKit: does penis scare it? JessiCat: Maybe.... JamieKit: can't say I blame it JessiCat: LoL JessiCat: wow JessiCat: but....he was born with it JessiCat: its not a forgien object to him JamieKit: they're still weird. JessiCat: yeah....this is true JamieKit: I mean you...

Posted by Something else @ 07/03/2004 06:12 PM GMT-6
A man?
Wow. Lance Bass is dating a man. Ick.

Posted by -aLiVe BuT dEaD- @ 06/30/2004 07:56 PM GMT-6
My NeW sItE ?user=xXpArTyBaBiXx go here for my new blog...this one is getting on my nerves..

Posted by BLogy BLog Blog @ 06/09/2004 05:15 PM GMT-6
MSO thing
     hey people! This week me hana and ryn are doing a day MSO thing! MSO stands for Mississippi Symphony Orcrestra. Wow. We met this person there named Erin. She plays clarinet. nothing else happeing. Got a new aim sn.... i still have my old one thought... anyways it is...


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