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Posted by Tay's Thoughts @ 01/13/2016 01:27 PM GMT-6
Hey, it's okay.
No breath in my body. Ice in my veins. Tears in my eyes. No strength in my knees. Yes, I'm in pain, but this pain is much more than what's happening to my physical body. This pain comes from the realization of the cruelty of the world. You've felt it too, right? You've heard certain...

Posted by thesame @ 08/21/2007 08:06 PM GMT-6
The End
Yes, it has come to this.  I don't post here anymore.  It's my secert home that I didn't really keep too secret.  I'm probably never going to return here, but I'm leaving this place intact incase I do.  Before I go, I just want to say that the trouble I had?  Well...

Posted by blackfish @ 08/26/2006 03:10 PM GMT-6
Nothing really to talk about. Went to the doctor yesterday, got bad news, Will have to wait two more weeks to find out anything else. Been sleepin and watching tv all day yesterday and thats what i am doing today. Jamie is here doin it with me. Kinda cool. My sister is having a baby gurl,...

Posted by Yakini @ 08/13/2006 10:22 AM GMT-6
Hello Blogdrive
Hi Everyone I'm back again!!

Posted by Never Fullfilled @ 07/14/2006 04:33 PM GMT-8
they left.
hello, my old friend. i miss this here blog. So many times ive written in this a couple years ago. Ive been so depressed lately. My fucking shit head roomates moved out on me. NO, let me rephrase that,  my fucking cunt face "friends"--- they left me stranded. Just didnt even care that, I...

Posted by Being Amber @ 04/29/2006 06:28 AM GMT-6
True Friends
So, I think she's a good friend. She'll driink with me and match me shot for shot. She'll give me a ride to work when my pile of junk Jeep breaks down. She'll dance on the bar with me and not let me fall. She will help me upstairs to my apartment when I'm so drunk I can barely walk.  She'll...

Posted by E.P.T.A. S. @ 04/21/2006 08:31 PM GMT-6
long time no see
can someone tell me whens the last time i visisted this page?  been so busy doing other things i've honestly forgot all about blogdrive and my own personal website..i really don't know when i'll be here again but i'll be sure to stop by every now and then....expect a new layout soon..

Posted by and it creeps.... @ 12/20/2005 09:31 AM GMT-6
Which Do As Infinity song are you?brought to you by Quizilla

Posted by This is who I am @ 08/22/2005 03:09 AM GMT-6
Why does the wrong person always say the right things? Why does the people you love most in the world gave you the most grief? Anywho Iím selling two domains They are 15 each(includes private registration) Paypal only Once the payment is...

Posted by ~*greatest.fall*~ @ 12/21/2004 01:57 PM GMT-5
can't wait
hmm.. christmas.. i can't wait.. i gave all my present to everyone at work today! its was great. everyone loves there stuff.. i really can't wait to give all my stuff to my family. hmm.. what else has happened?  got a $195 cell phone bill )= blah.. yea text messaging... only have 300 and...


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