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Posted by thesuperpoops @ 01/19/2004 12:05 AM GMT-6
Sup my Bras? jeez, i was reading some other peoples journals and realized i never post. I think i might just start posting ever couple days instead of week!!! Hooray! Well, back to my week. Pretty boring, played a lot of videogames and now ive had drivers training from 3-6 on Mon-Thurs. Pretty gay,...

Posted by Through My Eyes @ 01/16/2004 03:37 PM GMT-6
Eriol x Syaoran..?
                        .. . .. Hey..!! ^^ Yes. I am a proud member of the Eriol x Syaoran Fanclub. Hee. Want to join..? Want to read yummy yaoi fanfics..? Silly mini comics..? Then go here! Suki to...

Posted by 989britty @ 01/16/2004 03:08 PM GMT-6
I hate being bored
 So Minnestoa sucks balls. Its cold, boring, everyone is rude- ( if u go to any other state you will understand what im saying). I cant wait till spring break. Im upset right now, cause miss spears decited to talk about her upcomming concert on a interview, and it sounds amazing but i wont be...

Posted by Giggle Buddies @ 01/13/2004 05:21 PM GMT-6
Hello all members of Giggle Buddies Newsletter is here just for you! Here are our top stories... wait we dont have any yet but we do have some important info regarding the information voided among people! We hope you understand we want to keep this site but if no one is on it we may just delete it!...

Posted by HannieFannie @ 01/13/2004 12:19 AM GMT-6
Sick on a Monday..
Okay so it's monday, and im sick... bleh! I've been sick since yesterday and it sucks!!! I slept in till 11:30 today so that was cool.. but i didnt start school until like 2! lol That's pretty sad. But i got done eventually!! Then i made dinner for everyone and laid around the rest of the nite.....

Posted by CrazyKillerz @ 12/31/2003 06:30 PM GMT-6
Here are some track listings for the songs I have made, and Ill set up some of my guitar tabs
1.Kill Tonight Die with a knife 2.Life and Death Apart 3.Fate Forth 4.December ( No not like the linkin park song ) 5.Wanting and Craving 6.Pure 7.Pressure 8.Innserection 9.Kurts Posse 10.Drain you (Nirvana Cover) 11.Encourage the Dead 12.Blood Mass Maggot Sucker Ill put more when I...

Posted by xoBrokenHopexo @ 12/28/2003 06:44 PM GMT-6
1st Entry
Today was the last day my grandparents from Wisconsin were here.  We got up early and went to church at Christ Lutheran.  Then we went to Old Country Buffet.  Then we came home and my grandpa talked to us a little bit, then they left.  I just kinda sat online for a bit, then my...

Posted by OoXs4eyesoO @ 12/21/2003 01:43 AM GMT-6
shorty update
toms bday yesterday.... had fun with jen maryclare mal---- later on that evening.... with mckenna and allison... i was completely railed.. funny as it may seem, i was in no condition to walk.we went bowling i couldnt even see. good time however. Im hopin to chill with kyle c when he comes back and...

Posted by TrueLife @ 12/17/2003 11:56 PM GMT-6
it's days like these when we really miss our crabs.

Posted by Blog is Evil @ 12/11/2003 07:03 PM GMT-6
Boring day be gone
Wow.. What an uneventful day. I woke at the late hour of 7 am, which only sucks because I have to work at 10PM tonight, until 6am tomorrow. Sucky. I am so far unable to get to sleepy again. I just hope that I can get two hours more, because I won't get much, if any sleep tomorrow. I'll...


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