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Posted by we're not geeks.. @ 08/18/2004 11:29 AM GMT-6
why are there so many "see live hot girls now!
ugh it bothers me. These women who get on these show need to get a life. unless of course, they're raped and forced to do this... well anyway the audition is on saturday! hehe, i'm nervous but excited because i'm paying someone 25 dollars to listen to me!! wow, that's a lot ofmoney.. am i that...

Posted by Andtheniwasborn @ 07/30/2004 04:45 PM GMT-6
Fun week..
This week has been fun! hehe! I've been so busy tho. I stayed at Mary's house wed. nite! YAY! It was so fun!!! Man i love that girl!!! Last nite i wasnt feeling good at all. So i actually went to bed at 11. its a miracle. I woke up at 10 and i was like.. man i need to sleep a lil more, so i fell...

Posted by Reasons to live @ 07/29/2004 05:21 PM GMT11
The last chapter
Chapter Seven: Renee sat on her bed with two medium-sized, clear, plastic storage boxes in front of her. She sat still as she could, staring at the boxes. She dreaded opening them but knew that she had to do it. Something inside told her that she would find comfort there, and...

Posted by unavoidable12 @ 07/25/2004 12:18 AM GMT-6
Sorry..its been awhile!
Well..sorry for not writing..i havent really had much to talk about. after everyone left i have been doing nothing at all. Been BORED! i talk to rachel and lauren almost every nite on the phone! I miss them so much! Finally april's cousins left so she can come to my house and hang out!! YAY! nikki...

Posted by Random Antics @ 07/15/2004 10:34 PM GMT-6
I don't noe why but i always refer to home as the philippines. Haven't been there in around three years er so but still i feel like its my home. And oh i miss it dearly. Yes, dearly. I miss it THAT much. Geeze i've been in this big place called the U.S. of A. fer a long time. 12 years about....

Posted by RWAA @ 07/15/2004 06:55 PM GMT-6
Roadkill's Animal Type
Can eagles be roadkill? or are they too able to fly? Have u ever seen a bird as a roadkill? Have you? Well I am a bird, I have wings, I can fly, but I am roadkill in the path of life... Eagle! Bald Eagle's Wisdom Includes: Swiftness Strength Courage...

Posted by Between Raindrops @ 06/14/2004 02:13 PM GMT-6
Saving Worms
After the rain, The little body steps out onto the fresh lawn. She spots worms On the sidewalk. They do not belong there. They will dry and die. They don't harm; They are innocent. She, their hero, saves them. But the sun is too hot; too fast She cannot save them all Yet it didn't...

Posted by Lizard Ski @ 05/04/2004 09:23 AM GMT-6
Holy Ibn Saud
Hey! Sorry I havn't written in a long time, I've been busy with school and outside and biking, and the like. So yeh, that's it. I got new rims for my bike, they are "Ditch Witch" by sun rims, they are double walled meaning, you could hit them with a sledge hammer and they wouldn't bend, (not...

Posted by siiirrrr ! @ 04/23/2004 08:43 PM GMT-6
i love krista!
I LOVE KRISTA!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Rage @ 04/22/2004 10:54 AM GMT-6
link to my new blog!
Well, what can i say!! its time for a new blog! So here is my link everyone!!! Click here to get to my new blog!!  ....well thats it, i hope u enjoy!


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