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Posted by Under My Skin @ 07/22/2005 02:08 AM GMT-6
Hey, you made me throw up a little :) Live it.... bitches

Posted by curcuit @ 05/02/2005 08:20 PM GMT-6
Gregory: My name is Gregory Arding. I am secretly in love with Kiki. I found out her blog and hacked onto it, because I am a genius computer hacker. I want to tell this to the word: Kiki is my sexy love kitten. In my dreams. So anyway, folks, I've abducted her. If you want to see her...

Posted by Crazy-World @ 04/18/2005 01:49 PM GMT-6
I'm a hormone driven 16 year old menstrual case....
I want home.....home is not where you sleep and eat and is the place you love, the place that isnt with overbearing parents and stupid expectations that mean nothing to you, YET, everything to all of these bottom dwelling lowlifes who just want to suck all the happiness out of you by...

Posted by AshleighA @ 04/16/2005 05:16 PM GMT-8
Such a long, long time...
I don't think anyone reads this so I guess it doesn't matter I haven't updated this in forever, but here I am writing to all of you again... Hmm.... what to write??? I have had a few dance competitions recently and my group has done well. My greatgrandmother died four days ago. I am really sad...

Posted by Crazy-World @ 04/10/2005 10:41 PM GMT-6
Why cant they see?
You see how the world revolves around semi-interesting people. The people who seem to be getting less and less interesting by the day. Yet, once something original comes around....they seem to look through it as if they fear that this could ruin their dillusional little world of security and...

Posted by Jeremiah @ 04/05/2005 07:26 AM GMT-6
Driving The Demons Out.
You passed him around like he was the Superbowl Trophy,or the Stanley Cup. How pathetic. We,elected one man,to speak the word of a supposed God,and he dies.Good. The biggest Child Molesting Religion in the world,and the leader who did nothing about it dies. It's a cold hard world,and I...

Posted by My Life Unfolded @ 03/29/2005 04:26 PM GMT-6
 OKAY. I converted to Xanga. Wow. I can't believe this day came. Anyways. Here's the link.. hahah sad. I'm advertising xanga on a blog. I've had a blast with this whole blog thinger here. But it's time to move on to something more reliable....

Posted by A Darker Place @ 03/06/2005 11:19 AM GMT-6
Pimps n Hos Party

Posted by water's age @ 02/06/2005 10:03 AM GMT-6
Ya know, I'm gonna get the people here to get this back up... Yeah, that's waht I'm gonna do!

Posted by xcbaby @ 01/14/2005 12:57 PM GMT-6
I'm baaaack
Okay, so I'm back, I doubt anyone really missed me. A lot has changed though and I think it's all for the better. I can finally get somewhere with my life. I hope! I've moved from Mn to Mi, and have found a job and a new guy and I couldn't be happier. I've been staying with friends but have...


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