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Posted by Life so far @ 06/28/2007 05:41 PM GMT11
I'm finally declaring this blog the blog of boys but a blog of mostly Greg!
So I guess I haven't updated in over a year...and DAMN things has changed! I'll just start out my list of boys and then end this post with Greg...haha first off I wouldn't be on this site if it wasn't for Greg and remembering all these memories...Colin...we broke up after nine months, I know I said...

Posted by *Russian Rainbow* @ 07/09/2006 05:34 PM GMT-6
its been a while
so yeah. it's been a while. i have a new blog actually.   &nb sp; http://tinselgirl.spaces.msn. com/  yep have a wonderful day!

Posted by Where From Here? @ 03/09/2006 04:54 PM GMT-6
My life is approaching a lull, and my relationship is more dead than a horse. Her responses to me are thankless, and I do everything to try and please her. She probably feels the same way about me, that I'm too aloof, flighty, and stubborn. In the same context I feel that she doesn't...

Posted by France2006 @ 03/07/2006 05:09 PM GMT-6
  Interactive Itinerary: A version of our itinerary with links to researchable sites at each point of interest. This provides us with a virtual chance to go through our trip and refresh our knowledge of these parts of the world we will visit. Arming ourselves...

Posted by Un-Education @ 12/22/2005 08:13 AM GMT-6
No More.
..First Hour.. 8:06 AM-- Chemistry &n bsp;  School. Last day before break. When everyone will go away, and I won't have to hear about their "extracurricular activities." When everyone will go to work, or go home and sleep.. But night will fall and everyone will have their...

Posted by Morris Bartending @ 12/02/2005 11:54 PM GMT-8
It has come to my attention that journal entries of mine from years ago have been unearthed and become the topic of heated discussion. I would like to say that while I cannot say that the comments were not honestly written, they were written years ago. No person is the same as they were three...

Posted by Sparkles @ 08/10/2005 05:51 PM GMT-6
out with the old? in with the new?
I'm always left wondering, wishing I could figure out what would have happened had things gone slightly differently. There have always been good times, but they've been turned sour by circumstances or mistakes, and I'm left wondering. Suddenly all the people things haven't worked out with are...

Posted by Summer Internship @ 08/07/2005 10:38 PM GMT-6
So I had most of a writeup written and then my computer randomly decided to shut all my browsers and I haven't had time to re-write until now. This week (one week ago now) I taught the private lessons that I offered to every student in the violin class, aimed particularly at those intending...

Posted by Random Musings @ 08/02/2005 11:30 PM GMT-6
It's been a long, long, LONG time. Pretty ridiculous, I know. There's no point in me even having this blog anymore, I guess, but I still haven't gotten rid of it, obviously. There's a lot of history recorded here, and it seems silly to dump it. So what's new? Too, too much. I can't even write...

Posted by mUh BlOg...! @ 07/28/2005 09:53 PM GMT-6
FiRsT oNe
yeAh... sO this is muh first entry like EvEr**  yeah ur jealous ! so yeah, im taylor..  2day wuz an okay day 4 me i guess.. i had dance at fuckinn 8::30 in the AM !! omg i wuz sOooOoOo pissed bout that but hey, its my last practice for wut mite be ever.  idk tho, mite swich studios.....


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