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Posted by Luckione1515 @ 10/17/2005 09:46 AM GMT-8
Well as usual I haven't written in a long time....sorry! Uh lets see... uh. School's fine. I'm really enjoying highschool, its so funny! I mean its kinda know what they show on tv. I mean I think the worst class is the sophomores, because they are soooo funny. They are worst than the...

Posted by +Jason- @ 09/17/2005 06:20 PM GMT-5
So, I moved into my dorm room.  My roomates good.  He's not in the room a whole lot, and when he is he's ussualy playing world of warcraft. On Labor Day weekend, my parents came and visited me.  We went to a museum, and checked out the malls and stuff.  Showed them around...

Posted by kyleeeeee @ 09/03/2005 10:23 PM GMT-5
flip flop
I think I'm gonna hang with xanga for a while

Posted by Biffel13 @ 08/25/2005 01:05 PM GMT-6
My addiction...
If u haven't notice i am no longer a blogger....i am a myspacer and a livejournal havannah or whatever ur name is i have moved on and that's the only reason why i didn't screw u....i love myself for who i am....and i don't care what u think of's my...

Posted by Invalid Zucchini @ 06/11/2005 12:21 AM GMT-5
My last blog entry....
Well. it seems now that blogs have lost their meaning completely. Blog: a place to privately let off steam and have only your buddies read it and comment and have a whole web of connections. tell me.....does it seem fair to punish someone for their own thoughts? if swearing is just a manifest...

Posted by Cold @ 06/03/2005 01:50 PM GMT-5
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Posted by An Errant Venture @ 05/26/2005 12:50 AM GMT-5
To Whom it May Concern
I am moving to livejournal. Actually i moved a while ago, so anyone who is interested may visit me at rs/talon_karrde/ . I plan to be posting bi-weekly at the very latest so you may actually be able to follow my life! Additionally there will be a smattering of...

Posted by QHS Band Blog @ 05/11/2005 09:57 PM GMT-5
Spring Concert
It was an emotional concert tonight. The seniors last. Chior did an amazing job on their songs. After the Chiors preformance The seniors gave Mrs. McRae a photo of them from marching season. The whole band gave her a new baton with a case with her name on it. (hopefully she wont drop this...

Posted by Once Upon a Time @ 05/11/2005 07:37 PM GMT-5
That time of the month
Oh well I suppose it's about time for an entry since it's been a REAL long time. Where to begin? I've noticed people don't like reading long, wordy entries. Another prime example of American laziness. But maybe that's just something I do. School is over. I'm glad that's done with, but I'm...

Posted by Michelle @ 05/11/2005 04:36 PM GMT-5
Last and Finale post!!!!!!!
My new website can be found at the following link: calmcacil I will not be using this website for much longer... ~Michelle~


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