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Posted by Cinema Paradiso @ 03/04/2005 03:20 PM GMT-5
Pillow-Hating Polish Cheesecake, Anyone?
     A dear friend of mine called me up in the middle of a (boring) lecture, and ::sigh:: hearing his voice again made me smile for the first time in days. I miss my Danny Boy and my Simon! As much as Cheesecake drives me crazy sometimes (ie: he won't give me extra pillows and...

Posted by Network Security @ 03/03/2005 11:46 AM GMT-5
Cisco IOS security alert
You can read the details here These affect MPLS, IPv6, and BGP.

Posted by stuff of a legend @ 02/05/2005 02:22 PM GMT-5
Been a Long Time, Since [I] left You
the days are turning over the dead bodies that once were alive... and i have now succeed in my own misfortune to make it fortunate.. the new things i bought this past week include the nifty Nintendo DS and A Les Paul Limited Edition Bob Marley tribute guitar... I'm receiving nice things in...

Posted by Atwood @ 01/31/2005 08:19 PM GMT-7
itunes... and a new deck
ditching to smoke is lame... itunes music store can blow me... chris haslam is the shit. i almost forgot... "chris" (check the replies) is a flamer. who knows who he is? i sure as hell dont. but i do know he gauges himself. if you dont know what gauging is, ask chris, he'll fill you in.

Posted by Shrike @ 01/29/2005 12:36 PM GMT-5
In a Nutshell.
Let me just write. I'm good at writing. Don't bother reading this.I don't even know what' I'm doing anymore. I'm torn between two different people, both of whom I know feel the same way I do abuot them, at least to a small degree.One is more or less missing the big picture, because I can't find it...

Posted by Abby's Journal @ 01/26/2005 12:08 PM GMT-5
snow day!!!!!!!!!
IT'S A SNOW DAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!! im wicked bored and wicked hyper. not a very good combination..for me atleast. i was typing song lyrics to nick and jim bob and beeson... i think they knew i was hyper but im not sure. yesterday was awesome! it was so much fun! but now i am stuck at home all by...

Posted by Hoper's Rants @ 01/25/2005 12:29 AM GMT-5
Crazy Snow
We got hit with so much snow this weekend. It was insane. I spent the better part of today helping Liza dig her car out of her driveway. Some silly pictures of it can be seen here. Here are some pictures that I took on my way over to Liza's. The light quality was so incredible this morning,...

Posted by Ethereality @ 12/20/2004 06:53 PM GMT-5
What to live for
These days I've been rather hung up on the idea that I have nothing to live for.  A large part of why I've been so down lately is I don't really know why I get up in the morning. When each day is just a slog, with nothing to really look forward to, I question why I get up at all. It used to be...

Posted by In Dreams @ 12/08/2004 10:40 AM GMT-8
Last Night - 12/07/04
All I can remember is that my skin was peeling off of my face - like all of it - but I wasn't scared.  I didn't want anyone to see, but it didn't worry me.

Posted by NeoTokyo @ 11/27/2004 01:47 PM GMT-5
ive heard this world is cold
i finally finished my spring class schedule...6 days after i could have! COMM 118 intro to interpersonal communcation TTh 1-215pm COMM 287 advertising as social communication Schedule TBA COMM 297I st-language, culture, communication TTh 230-345pm ENGLISH 117 ethnic american literature MWF...


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